Earth Love Cosmetics Review

Clean. Cruelty-Free. Local. Earth Love Cosmetics.

Earth Love Cosmetics is a brand located just a few blocks away from me, and as if that weren’t enough to get me interested, their products are made from earth-derived ingredients. Think plant oils, mineral clays, Epsom and sea salts, powders, and grains. Their products are always cruelty-free. When it comes to my favorite types of products, Earth Love Cosmetics checks all the boxes.

Right now the brand is small, offering just 5 products. I had the opportunity to try 2, a cleanser and a facial oil. Earth Love Cosmetics currently offers 2 cleansers and 3 facial oils. I decided to try the Gentle Cleanser and the Cleansing Facial Oil.


Earth Love Cosmetics Gentle Cleanser and Facial Oil

Earth Love Cosmetics products are packaged in compact containers that are easy to travel with. The cleansers are packaged in biodegradable cardboard cylinders and the facial oils are housed in recyclable glass bottles with pump dispensers. The labels on each are eco-friendly, they’re made from corn instead of petrochemicals.

I was afraid that the cardboard cylinder that the cleanser is held in would become flimsy when handled with wet hands while cleansing my face, but so far so good. It has dried quickly and maintained its sturdiness. A word of warning, don’t store it in your shower, the moisture and inevitable splashes of water will damage the cardboard. I learned this the hard way when washing my face in the shower. Now I use this as an out-of-shower cleanser only.


Earth Love Cosmetics Cleanser Texture

The Gentle Cleanser has a soft, grainy texture. I love that it’s a solid cleanser, making it easy and ideal to travel with. Just add water and this powdery cleanser melts into a face wash.

The Cleansing Facial Oil is self-explanatory. It has an oily consistency that is more on the watery side, rather than on the thicker, gooey side. It feels light, not like it’s going to immediately clog your pores. Don’t worry, it won’t! Being an oil cleanser, it removes makeup with ease.


Earth Love Cosmetics Cleansing Facial Oil

The ingredients are straight-forward, no over-complicated fillers here. The Gentle Cleanser is made with:

  • Colloidal Oatmeal – Has powerful cleaning properties.
  • Buttermilk Powder – Exfoliates, brightens, fades brown spots, and evens skin tone.
  • Honey Powder – Attracts dirt from pores and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It also moisturizes.

The Cleansing Facial Oil is a mix of:

  • Organic Sunflower Oil – Keeps skin balanced and hydrated. It also contains Vitamin E to help reduce signs of aging.
  • Hazelnut Oil – Is known as the “Pore Reducing Oil.” This oil is very hydrating and it helps fight acne.
  • Kalahari (Watermelon) Seed Oil – Does all kinds of good like dissolving sebum, evening skin tone, and reducing puffiness.


Earth Love Cosmetics Powder Cleanser

Use is as simple as the ingredient list. To use the Gentle Cleanser wet your skin and pour some of the cleansing powder onto your hands. Briefly rub your hands together, then massage the cleanser onto your face. Be sure to avoid your eye area. Rinse and you’re all set to continue your skincare routine.

This cleanser can also be left on your skin for a few minutes to be used as a mask. In the morning it can be used alone, but since it does not remove makeup, use it after using the Cleansing Facial Oil at night.

To use the Cleansing Facial Oil begin by wetting your face with lukewarm water. Massage the oil onto your face for anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then, gently wipe the oil off with cotton rounds or a wet washcloth. As mentioned, use this facial oil to remove makeup, then follow it up with the Gentle Cleanser to thoroughly cleanse your skin.


  • Gentle Cleanser – $23.00
  • Cleansing Facial Oil – $20.00

Both can be purchased on


Earth Love Cosmetics Review

Yes! If you’re looking to simplify your skincare routine, give Earth Love Cosmetics a try. I love that the brand is local to San Francisco and I love the simplicity of each product’s formula.

I’m impressed that the thoughtfulness put into each product didn’t stop at the ingredients. The products benefit your skin and the packaging is mindful of the environment. Even the labels are made of corn instead of petrochemicals.

I’ve been using these products in the morning and evening. I use the Gentle Cleanser alone during my morning skincare routine and I use the Cleansing Facial Oil followed by the Gentle Cleanser in the evening. Aside from some redness, I think my skin is looking pretty good. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Earth Love Cosmetics Selfie Side

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From dance to theater to cooking, there are toddler classes available for any and all interests in the city of San Francisco. Many are enrolling now for Fall sessions, take a look at the list I’ve compiled and get your little one signed up today!

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Find Hello Kitty at

SF Tots

SF Tots Activity Hero

Photo Credit:

Locations: San Francisco Zoo (Lakeshore), Marina Green Park (Marina District), Mother’s Meadow Playground (Golden Gate Park), Upper Noe Recreation Center Athletic Field (Noe Valley), Hamilton Recreation Center (Pacific Heights), Mission Bay Commons Park (Mission Bay), Jackson Playground (Potrero Hill)

These active classes consist of story-based exercises that engage children while they work on advanced motor skills, team skills, and following directions. This is a parent participation class and I must admit that running around and kicking the ball with your child is energizing and fun. I love that each 10-week session concludes with a team photo that you can take home.

Cost: $195.00 – T-shirts are included in the class fee.


Play Haven


Location: 245 Laguna Honda Blvd. San Francisco, CA 94105

Play Haven offers an opportunity for your children to play in a large space inside while you attempt to get some work done. Free play stations include painting and Play-Doh. Weekly classes are also offered. I recommend trying out the JAMaROO Kids Music and Movement class. This class incorporates stories, instruments, and lots of dancing. Watching the kids pretend to be frogs as they hop across the room is adorable and hilarious.

Cost: $10.00 per class for Non-Members, Free for Members


Gymboree Play & Music

Gymboree Play and Music

Location: 1503A Sloat Blvd. San Francisco, CA 94132

I’ve been biased towards Gymboree Play & Music thinking: Can a clothing company really offer decent classes for kids? Yes, they can! I’m so happy I got over my preconception toward Gymboree Play & Music and tried out their music class with my little one. The instructor we had was SO energetic and entertaining. The music classes give children the opportunity to play instruments, sing, and move around the room in fun and imaginative ways. The play classes also play music but focus more on games and exploring the large play structures in the play space. Bonus: This particular location is in a shopping center so there are plenty of free parking spaces available.

Cost: $95.00 every 4 weeks for one class per week. ($23.75 per class)



Photo Credit:

Location: 639 Frederick Street San Francisco, CA 94117

Foggy, chilly San Francisco day? No problem! Little ones can get ALL of their energy out at an AcroSports class. Sessions run for 15-weeks and Fall enrollment just began August 20th. At AcroSports, kids can run, jump, crawl, swing, and climb. The very large indoor AcroSports multi-level space includes obstacle courses, a trampoline, LED tunnel, balance beams, a climbing wall, and hammock swings. Depending on your child’s age, their age appropriate class will help them work on spatial, directional, and body awareness, strength, coordination, flexibility and floor tumbling.

Cost: $300.00 per session, $22.00 per class for Drop-In classes


The Container Store

Little Learners at the San Francisco Zoo


Location: Sloat Blvd at The Great Highway San Francisco, CA 94132

If you’re little one loves animals, these are the classes you need to consider. Each week a different theme and animal is featured. Upcoming themes include Wonderful Wolves, Springy Sifaka, and Sweet Squirrel Monkeys. During these parent participation classes your little one will create a craft, have a snack, and meet an educational animal visitor. After class, enjoy the zoo or head across the street to Ocean Beach.

Cost: Members: $25.00, Non-Members: $35.00. Class fees include zoo admission and a parking pass.



Recess Sf

Photo Credit:

Location: 470 Carolina Street San Francisco, CA 94107

When I first saw one of the classes they offer, I couldn’t believe it. Recess offers a Toddler Chefs class! Little ones can do more in the kitchen than we give them credit for and this class demonstrates that. During this class little ones will be involved in preparing a meal or snack. Helping and learning to prepare something to eat will boost your toddler’s confidence and give them some independence.

Cost: Single classes are $30.00. When enrolling in the full series, classes are $25.00 each. Recess members receive a discount of up to 25%.


Rabbit Hole

RAbbit HOle SF

Photo Credit:

Location: 800 Diamond Street San Francisco, CA 94114

Rabbit Hole is all about imagination. Classes offered focus on theater, dress-up, dance, story telling, and music. For example, The Treasure Box class begins with an object found inside the Treasure Box, the theme of the class is determined by this item. Next, the children explore a story based on the object by dancing, singing, and moving their bodies. Since His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman is my family’s favorite trilogy, I must mention that the Rabbit Hole also offers Day Camps, which like their classes have a theme. On Monday, September 3rd their Day Camp theme is The Golden Compass, the first book in the His Dark Materials trilogy. If not for my little one being too young, she’d be signed up!

Cost: $125.00 for 5 classes. $140.00 for Day Camp.


Little Artistas

Little Artistas

Photo Credit:

Location: 667 Chenery Street and 1513 Church Street San Francisco, CA 94131

When it comes to arts, crafts, and language, Little Artistas is the place to be. Little Artistas offers classes, camps, and date nights. Classes are run in sessions and the Fall Session begins September 10th. Sessions run for 12 weeks and classes are held once a week. With their parents, little ones will be able to work on their fine motor skills and get messy with non-toxic art supplies. Bonus: The mess stays at Little Artistas, not at your house!

Cost: $300.00 per session.


ODC Youth & Teen Program

ODC Dance

Photo Credit:

Location: 351 Shotwell Street San Francisco, CA 94110

One of the best dance studios in San Francisco offers classes for even the youngest movers and shakers. The Creative Movement classes for kids encourage individual expression in a nurturing and structured framework. Movements explored are age appropriate and complimentary to gross motor development. Little ones can participate in parent participation classes or begin to explore creative dance. Through creative dance young children develop coordination and confidence. In these classes, they’ll also begin to learn how to take direction within the context of a dance class. The Fall session beings September 8th and runs for 13 weeks.

Cost: Fall Tuition is $260.00.


Which of these classes would be your little one’s favorite? We’ve tried almost all of them and have had fantastic experiences.

If your little one loves a class in San Francisco that’s not listed, please share it in the comments below!

Classes for Kids in San Francisco

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Photo by Wilson Hui

If you live in San Francisco already, you don’t need me to tell you how fabulous the city can be if you know how to seek out adventure. This is true for families too, it just takes some extra sleuth-like skills to find activities that will be fun for the whole family. There are extra considerations – longer outings require more planning, snacks and the extra-large diaper bag but those experiences can really enrich your toddler’s life and the way they view the world around them. As a parent, you also want to find events that aren’t going to break the bank (pre-school is on the horizon, and girl, that ain’t cheap).

With that in mind, here are some of the most unique and toddler-friendly places to explore with your toddler this summer.

Transportation options:

San Francisco is famous for its cable cars. One-way trips are $5 and you can purchase a day passport to travel around the city at your leisure. You can also ride a trolleybus or streetcar. The San Francisco Public Transport site is a great place to begin your trip planning.

If you’re driving and want to avoid thirty minutes in the car looking for parking, check out these interactive parking maps to find streets with free or low-cost parking, as well as timed parking and garage parking.

1. Pretend to be tourists for an afternoon

Sometimes, even the most familiar place can become brand new when seen through a new perspective. Go on a real adventure with your child by challenging them to pretend they are in a new place. What would they look for? What do they notice?

It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about the city you live in every day. Most ‘touristy’ activities involve the history of the city you’re in, and San Francisco is no exception. For an afternoon in the sun, here are some places where you can become the daring explorer out to learn all they can.


Wander through the numerous alleys of the oldest Chinatown in North America and check out the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie factory. Have tea and try some Dim Sum at one of the more than one hundred Chinese restaurants in the area. Great way to try new foods with your toddler, if they’re feeling adventurous!

Pier 39:

This unique pier features street performers who perform daily and an abundance of sea lions (mostly during the winter, though). You can ride the Italian hand-crafted San Francisco Carousel and blink at the 1,800 twinkling lights. Perfect for a family photo op.

Aquarium of the Bay:

Located right near Pier 39, this gigantic aquarium is home to more than 20,000 marine animals, including sharks! Naturalists help explain the exhibits while they share fun facts about the various species on display. The aquarium offers a local discount that brings the cost down from $16.95 to $14 for children between 4-12 and from $26.95 to $23 for adults.

Golden Gate Park:

Botanical gardens, museums, and a free shuttle service can all be found at this gigantic 1,017-acre park. It has multiple park areas, playgrounds, hiking trails, archery fields, horseshoe pits and a Frisbee golf course. Admission in to the park is free, while the Botanical Garden costs $7 for adults and $15 for families (2 adults and 1 or more children). Cost for kids under 5 is free.

Fisherman’s Wharf:

Enjoy some chocolate at Ghirardelli Square nearby at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. Learn all about San Francisco’s seafaring history at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.  The park is home to several historic ships and is run by the National Park Service.  Tickets are $10 for adults and kids 15 and under are free to tour the ships with adults.

2. Head to the beach

Beaches are a main attraction in San Francisco, even on cloudy days. Baker Beach is known for spectacular views of the Golden Gate bridge (bring your camera). You might even see porpoises if you arrive early! Or if your little one loves to climb, explore one of the Cliffside hikes on the Coastal Trail.

Ocean Beach is a three-mile long stretch of sand and dunes with paved walking trails. Strong rip tides make it not safe for swimming. The white sand of Stinson Beach is popular with boogie boarders, windsurfers, kayaking and families (with areas safe for swimming).

3. Explore the ballpark on a Sunday

SF Giants Stadium

Photo by Shawn Reza

After every Sunday day game, weather permitting, kids under age 14 can run the bases and pretend to be baseball stars themselves. If your child would like to get an authentic signature from a San Francisco Giant, Sunday is the Giants official autograph day, where players, coaches and alumni will sign autographs (from the Bullpen Boxes in Sections 104/105 and 126/127) after the end of batting practice.

There is seriously no better time to catch a San Francisco Giants game because there are rare $3 discounted tickets available on Groupon. They don’t offer free tickets for children, and kids 24 months or younger are required to sit on the lap of an adult, so this deal is a steal.

4. Share some culture at a museum

When you’re travelling with kids, you want activities that are fully immersive. Luckily, San Francisco’s children’s museums are all about interactive experiences. Enjoy an afternoon at The Walt Disney Family Museum or Children’s Creativity Museum, or head to the Exploratorium. Each of these museums boasts unique, exploration-heavy experiences that will help your toddler expand their mind while giggling and having fun. It’s great for both of you to learn something new together and can help create vivid memories that last for years to come.  

Author Bio: Sam Casteris is an avid traveler and aspiring travel writer. She writes creative pieces about travel, informational articles for other travelers, and guides to make travel as stress-free as possible. Her home base is in Phoenix, AZ.


When makeup lovers dream, I have a feeling their dreams are set in a place like the The Makeup Show. The Makeup Show gives everyone who is a makeup fan the unique opportunity to shop products at discounts usually reserved for Makeup Pros. This show tours select cities in the United States and this weekend it’s right here in San Francisco. The Makeup Show is being held at the Grand Hyatt near Union Square. This is an area I tend to avoid because of the density of it and the loads of tourists, but for an event like this one I had to make an exception.

Walking into the event was a bit overwhelming. There were brushes, lipsticks, cosmetic bags, mirrors, palettes, and more, but what I was really interested in was the artists and creators behind these professional brands. I had the opportunity to speak with many of them one-on-one and listen in on their seminars. I wanted to learn as much as possible from them so I could share their insider secrets with you.

Tip One: Multi-functional products are king.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard “multi-functional” yesterday, I’d be significantly richer today. When it comes to products to include in your kits (or your makeup bag if like most of us, you’re not a Makeup Artist), multi-functional products come above all else. It’s all about streamlining your products, less is more. Every product in Danessa Myrick’s makeup line Danessa Myricks Beauty has more than one use. You can use all of her products however you’d like, and in my opinion, there’s no better way to get the most out of your money when purchasing makeup products.

Tip Two: Cream based products are the easiest to work with.

Another theme of the day was utilizing cream based products due to their movement. You will not get the flexibility in a powder product that you’ll get in a cream based product. The cream allows you to easily control the amount of product you apply to the skin and then to manipulate that product on the skin, making it look exactly the way you want it to. As Siân Richards from London Brush, who also happens to be Chadwick Boseman’s personal makeup artist on the film Black Panther, said in her Seminar on Radiant Skin: Tricks of the Trade, “You’re magicians. We’re magicians.” My take away from her seminar was that cream products allow you to perform magic on your clients, and yourself, with ease.

Tip Three: Layer, Layer Layer.

While I heard several pros speak about layering products, Myricks was the biggest proponent of the concept of Multi-Dimensional Makeup, which made sense since that’s what her seminar was on. I could create several posts speaking just of the things I learned from her in the short time I was able to speak with her and from listening to her seminar, and I probably will (stay tuned for that), but back to layering. Faces are not flat and makeup shouldn’t be either. To draw the eye to the features of the face that you want to highlight and to round-out the face shape, multi-dimensional makeup is key. Instead of utilizing one foundation shade on her clients, Myricks uses 3, and guess what, none of them are an exact match for her clients’ skin tones. From her concepts on highlighting and contouring I learned that you should:

  • Use lighter shades to move facial features forward.
  • Use darker shades to camouflage.
  • Use reflective products on what you want to be most prominent.

Tip Four: If you’re over 30, DON’T BAKE your makeup.

I’m guilty of baking my makeup, I did it yesterday morning before heading to The Makeup Show. Oops! Mature skin should not be baked because baking will accentuate fine lines, wrinkles, and bags under your eyes. After hearing this tip from Richards, unless, I’m baking delicious cookies or cupcakes, I’m never baking again! Circling back to cream based products, instead of using powders to set or bake your makeup get your hands on some quality cream based products that will set themselves instead. Make your fine lines disappear with cream based products, like one of Richards’ 4K Longwear Creme Pro Palettes.

Tip Five: Don’t stop at your chin when applying makeup.

Highlighter, foundation, contouring shades – the application of these products should extend past your chin. Blend your contour along your jaw line and down your neck (on either side of your Adam’s apple). In his seminar, Jordan Liberty for Frends Beauty suggested using highlighter over your whole cheek, then applying it to your clavicles and shoulders. As he demonstrated this on his model, she transformed into a glowing goddess. Incorporating the neck and shoulders into a makeup look will give it an overall finished look, like a frame on a work of art.

Tip Six: When choosing makeup shades, apply them to your inner arm and let them set. 

The shade of your inner arm is the closest to the shade of your face. When deciding on any makeup products you’d like to purchase, especially but not limited to foundations and concealers, apply them to your inner arm, let them set for about 5 minutes, then decide if they’ll work for your skin tone. This tip was shared by Richards and is the only way I’ll purchase makeup in the future. After the product sets and dries, you’ll truly know the color and finish of the product.

Tip Seven: Apply makeup in circular motions.

“Circular motions are the key to keeping everything natural.”

-Danessa Myricks

This invaluable trick was shared by Myricks during her seminar. Using circular motions will blend your makeup in flawlessly and ensure you’re not creating any harsh lines on your face. Whether applying makeup with a brush, sponge, or your fingertips, make little circles during application and the result will be incredibly natural.

Final Tip: Always look amazing when your work.

This tip from Richards is especially true for Makeup Artists, Makeup Artists’ own faces are the best showcases for their work, but I think you can apply this tip to many, if not all professions. If you look great, you’ll feel great. If you feel great, you’ll produce better work. Go the extra mile in the morning, your mood will thank you for it.

Which of these tips will you be incorporating into your daily makeup routine?

I’ll be doing my best to use all of these makeup tips and tricks as much as possible. Let’s discuss them further in the comments!

Have a GORGEOUS day!

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Things to do with Kids in the Bay Area

Not quite done seeing as many light displays as possible? No worries, IlluminOdyssey at CuriOdyssey is running for one more weekend!

IlluminOdyssey is open today (1/5), tomorrow (1/6), and Sunday (1/7). The hours are 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for each of these remaining exhibit days. IlluminOdyssey is free with admission to CuriOdyssey. Admission prices are as follows:

  • $12.50 Adults
    $8.50 Seniors (62+)
    $8.50 Students (13–17)
    $9.50 Children (2–12)
    Free for Infants (0–23 months)
    $6 Coyote Point Park vehicle entrance fee
  • Members always receive free admission.

CuriOdyssey is located inside Coyote Point Park, which is why there is a $6 Coyote Point Park vehicle entrance free. There is parking very close to CuriOdyssey, but if that fills up you can park a little farther away at the Marina. It was pretty busy during our visit last weekend so we ended up parking down by the Marina.

Since you’re buying admission to CuriOdyssey anyway when going to see IlluminOdyssey, you should also explore these hands-on exhibits while you’re there:

  • The Nature of Patterns
  • Reflections and Perceptions
  • Forces
  • Backyard Science
  • Animal Exhibits
    • Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates

Upon entering IlluminOdyssey, there are a few tables to the right. On these tables you’ll find transparent buckets, illuminated, color-changing blocks, and the fiber optic display pictured below. We ran our hands over the fiber optic display, grabbed a bucket and some blocks, and were ready to explore.

Entrance to IlluminOdyssey at CuriOdyssey

There are tents on the first and second levels of this four level display. Laser lights are dancing all over this wide-open space. The tiny colored dots are bouncing off of the ceiling, walls, pillars, floors, and the outsides of these tents.

Little ones can crawl into the tents to find different colored light patterns on the floor of each tent. Some illuminated, color-changing blocks may be discovered in some of these tents too, that’s where our toddler found and collected an additional bucket and lots of blocks.

IlluminOdyssey at CuriOdyssey San Mateo

After our little one sat down and started playing with the blocks, several other children joined her and they all worked together on a tall tower. It was adorable!

Building at CuriOdyssey

The other children’s faces are blurred out for their privacy.

On the second and third levels of this exhibit you’ll find large sculptures lit from within. All of them can be walked around and touched, and some can be crawled into and through. Like the little blocks, these slowly change color.

On the fourth level there is a projection of the Aurora Borealis, an exhibit on different colored shadows, and an interactive dance floor. Speaking of dancing, there is upbeat music playing throughout IlluminOdyssey. Walking around, we took some dance breaks when we felt moved to.

Aurora Borealis at IlluminOdyssey

After playing in IlluminOdyssey, we interacted with some of the other exhibits and went outside to see the animals. The otters are too cute and, in my opinion, the highlight of the animal exhibits. Most of the more than 100 animals are native to California and at CuriOdyssey because they came from rehabilitation facilities and could not survive on their own in the wild.

Otters at CuriOdyssey

If you’re looking for something to do with kids in the Bay Area this weekend, check out IlluminOdyssey.

Whatever your plans are this weekend, enjoy!

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