8 Non-Invasive Cosmetic Treatments That Save You Time

Sick of your lengthy beauty regimen? More and more women are ditching their typical routine and turning to non-invasive cosmetic treatments in efforts to limit the time they spend getting ready every morning. Kristi Carignan…

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Microblading: Hollywood’s Secret to Achieving Naturally Defined Eyebrows

Symmetrical and tamed eyebrows can make someone look polished even on a makeup free day. Like everything else cosmetic, eyebrows also have their own trends.…

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Getting my Eyebrows Microbladed in San Francisco

After spending too much time and money searching for a miracle eyebrow product that would make filling my eyebrows in quick and easy, I finally decided to give myself the gift of full and flawless eyebrows! From start to finish, this is how my microblading experience went!…

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