Rothy’s New Releases 2020. Meet The Mary Jane

My favorite sustainable shoe brand has an exciting new design release! Among Rothy’s new releases 2020, this is the most exciting. Meet The Mary Jane. …

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Everything You Need To Know About Sundaily Skincare Gummies

Protect and repair your skin from the inside out (#skinfromwithin) with Sundaily skincare gummies. Here’s everything you need to know about these gummies and my review of them! About Sundaily Skincare Gummies Daily gummies are…

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If You Love Coffee You Need To Try Callyssee Cosmetics

Start your day off by drinking coffee and using it on your skin! Callyssee Cosmetics products are must-haves for coffee lovers. Why? Every single one of their products contains coffee! About Callyssee Cosmetics Callyssee Cosmetics…

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Motivational Music For Mondays

Motivational music for Mondays! Some songs on this playlist have motivational lyrics, some just have a great beat. Check this playlist out!…

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Ways To Practice Winter Self-Care

The cold temps and lack of sun can be a bummer during the winter months. But with these ways to practice winter self-care, you can beat the winter blues!…

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