Painting is an activity all little ones already love. Today, let’s take the classic activity of painting and play with a “paint” that creates fluffy, soft dimensional art.

Fluffy Cloud Paint Supplies

First, you’ll need the following:

  • Glue
  • Shaving Cream
  • Blue Construction Paper
  • Paint Brush or Sponge
  • Bowl – I recommend a paper bowl for easy cleanup.
  • White Crayon – If you choose to outline your clouds.
  • Smock – This isn’t necessary to complete this activity, but it is recommended.

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Fluffy Cloud Paint Step One

Step One

Gather your supplies and if you’d like, suit your little one up in a smock. Mix equal parts glue and shaving cream in your bowl. I never measure when I do this, I just squirt in a bunch of glue and a big puff of shaving cream then mix. Your cloud paint is now ready.

Fluffy Cloud Paint in Action

Step Two

With the white crayon, outline clouds onto your blue construction paper for your little one to fill in with the cloud paint or let your little one paint the paper however they’d like.

Fluffy Cloud Paint Step Two

Step Three

Let your paintings dry and enjoy your new works of art!

Make it Educational

Just by doing this activity, you’re strengthening your child’s fine motor skills and allowing them to express themselves creatively.

To also explore texture with your child, have them gently touch the dry cloud paint to feel how soft and fluffy it is. Have them then touch a regular dry painting and talk with them about how different each one feels.

Clean Up

If using a paper bowl, toss it. Otherwise, rinse off your paint brushes, sponges, and bowl immediately after you’re finished painting. The cloud paint will rinse off easily if cleaned up quickly after you’re done using it.

Fluffy Cloud Paint Results

Share Your Art

Have fun creating clouds and please show me photos of your creations by posting them and tagging me #bayareabeautyblogger or @bayareabeautyb on twitter!

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Toddler Activities Fluffy Cloud Paint



Science for Kids Toddler Activities

Today’s toddler activity is scientific. Toddlers and science may not seem like 2 things that go together, but they can. This activity doesn’t require any fancy laboratory equipment or materials that you don’t already have in your pantry. This activity is quick to set up and pretty easy to clean up. Get your little one and let’s do this!

For this Toddler Activity, you’ll need the following:

Highlights Magazine Foamy Science Experiment Supplies

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I discovered this activity in the latest issue of Highlights High Five magazine. To get started, gather your supplies. We (I) decided to gather everything up and bring it outside. While this is a great rainy day activity, I’d recommend doing it outside on a warm sunny day if you can.

Set up your experiment by placing the muffin pan in the baking sheet, this contains the mess for easy clean up.

Step One

Pour a 1/4 cup of baking soda into each muffin cup in the center row of the muffin pan. Using the center row leaves room for the overflow of colorful foam coming up in a couple of steps. My muffin pan has 4 muffin cups in the center row, so total I needed 1 cup of baking soda for this experiment.

Step Two

Add 3-5 drops of food coloring into each muffin cup filled with baking soda. We did one color per cup, but you could absolutely mix and match colors. Based on the food coloring we had handy, we created one orange cup, one purple cup, one teal cup, and one pink cup. It should also be noted that we used gel food coloring for this experiment and it worked great.

Step Three

Slowly pour as much vinegar into each cup as you like and watch the colorful foam quickly bubble up! After one batch of foam subsides, feel free to add more vinegar to create more bubbles and keep the fun going. USA, LLC

What’s happening here?

This experiment is based off of some super simple science (YAY alliteration). When vinegar and baking soda are combined, a chemical reaction takes place. One product of this reaction is carbon dioxide gas and that gas is what forms the fizzy bubbles.

The science behind this activity may be interesting to older children, but I kept the discussion much simpler when completing this activity with my little one. My little one is only about 2 and 1/2 so we focused on practicing her pouring skills, naming the colors we were using, and expanding her vocabulary (foam, science, experiment, liquid).

My little one loved participating in this science experiment and I hope your little one(s) enjoy it as well. If you do give this a go, please share your experience in the Share Your Thoughts! section below.

Have fun experimenting!

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Mickey Mouse Arts and Crafts for Toddlers

Today’s toddler activity features the Darice Disney Family Crafts Tissue and Foam Kit. Kits are by no means necessary to create family crafts, but they do simplify things. No prep is required, just purchase this kit and you’re ready to craft. This kit has a great price, it’s only $2.99. It comes with everything you need to quickly create a Mickey Mouse Tissue and Foam craft.

For this Toddler Activity, you’ll need the following:

  • Darice® ©Disney Family Crafts Tissue & Foam Kit, Mickey Mouse
    • From what I can find, this is no longer available online, but you should be able to get it at your local Michael’s. You can check in-store availability here.

Instructions are included with this kit, but I’ll do a little run down of how we completed this activity in my own words.

First, we started by taking all of the supplies out. Immediately, my little one got her hands in there and was ready to create.

I couldn’t even take a picture of the kit’s packaging without her being eager to bust it open!

Disney Mickey Foam Arts and Crafts

After we got everything organized, we popped out the pieces of black sparkly foam that weren’t part of the final design.

Then, I slipped the red and silver metallic ribbon through the pre-cut hole between Mickey’s ears.

Disney Foam Arts and Crafts

Playing peek-a-boo with Mickey after popping out the extra foam pieces was adorable and entertaining!

Disney Kids Arts and Crafts

Next, I peeled the white backing off of the black sparkly foam to reveal the sticky side. This is where we applied the tissue paper squares. The kit provided neatly cut tissue paper squares in yellow, white, red, and blue.

Soon, we couldn’t see Mickey at all, he was completely covered in tissue paper squares! We spun Mickey around and voilá, our project was nearly complete.

Disney Mickey Mouse Toddler Crafts

This was not listed as a step in the instructions that the kit came with, but I decided to cut off the excess edges of tissue paper sticking out around the sides of Mickey’s outline. This gave the project a cleaner look.

Tissue and Foam Toddler Activities

This would probably look best hung in front of a window, letting the sunlight shine through the colored tissue paper. I decided to hang it from a door knob in my little one’s playroom so she could take it down and look at or play with it if she wanted to. If she doesn’t seem interested in interacting with it, I will move it higher, but still keep it somewhere on our French doors.

This craft was so easy to make! I’d recommend picking up this kit, and others like it, next time you’re out-and-about for whenever you need a quick and mess-free activity. Personally, I love having extra kits like this one on hand so I always have an activity ready to go.

Have fun creating with your little one!

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Chinese New Year Celebration

The residents of Sausalito are very lucky to have the Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM), right in their back yard. For the rest of us residing in or visiting the Bay Area, BADM is worth the drive. The location is breathtaking and the museum will keep your little love entertained visit after visit.


Located in Fort Baker, there is plenty of parking on a grass lot right next to the museum. The view of the Golden Gate Bridge from this parking area is spectacular.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year at the Bay Area Discovery Museum

View from the parking lot. Not bad.

There were a lot of people attending the special Chinese New Year event taking place the day of our visit. Traffic guides were directing vehicles where to park and where to exit when leaving. I’m not sure that these guides are present on a daily basis, but since parking is on a grass lot without any clearly marked parking spaces, I would hope that they are.


There were many activities and performances to enjoy on the day of the Chinese New Year celebration. These activities were all in addition to the exhibits and activities the museum already offers year-round.

Lion Dancers Performing at BADM

Out of what was offered we enjoyed the Marin Chinese Cultural Association Lion Dance Team performance, 10,000 Victories Kung Fu School martial arts demonstration, and the Calligraphy demonstration and take-home name keepsake.

Chinese Calligraphy at the Bay Area Discovery Msueum


Besides gaining access to the Chinese New Year Celebration with our tickets, we were able to enjoy the Bay Area Discovery Museum in its entirety. This discovery museum is extensive, with plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces to explore. Here’s a basic list of must sees during your visit:

  • Outdoor Learning Lab
  • Lookout Cove – Take in the view of the bay, San Francisco, and the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Shipwreck – Excavate buried treasure.
  • Discovery Hall – See what traveling exhibitions are currently installed.
  • Imagination Playground – Play and build with large foam blocks, noodles, balls, and more.
  • Gopher Tunnel
  • Fab Lab – Use low-tech and high-tech tools.
  • Art Studios – Create art with an array of materials, tools, and techniques.
  • Tot Spot – A dedicated indoor/outdoor zone for children under 42″ tall.
Tot Spot at the Bay Area Discovery Museum

Bridge over the Tot Spot rock stream bed.

Tide Pool at Bay Area Discovery Museum

Playing with fish and frogs in the rock stream bed.

Shipwreck at Bay Area Discovery Museum

Excavating treasures in the Shipwreck.

Bay Area Discovery Museum Playground

Running around a mini Golden Gate Bridge.

Outdoors at the Bay Area Discovery Museum

Playing large instruments outdoors.

OTHER SPECIAL EVENTS at BADM (Bay Area Discovery Museum)

The Bay Area Discovery Museum hosts special events, like the one I’m discussing in this post, member only events, and talks and lectures.

In addition to the Chinese New Year celebration, BADM offers:

  • STEM Superheroes Series (April 14-15, May 12-13, June 9-10)
  • Goblin Jamboree (October)
  • Noon Year’s Eve (New Year’s Eve)

Members get exclusive access to Member Storytime, Member Meet-Ups, and other Member Events.

The Bay Area Discovery Museum also offers Family Classes and Camps throughout the year. Family Classes are known as Get Ready to Get Messy Classes. During these classes children 2-4 have access to art stations. They’ll be introduced to science concepts and they’ll get to practice their collaboration skills.


For the Chinese New Year Celebration, Chinese food was offered. There was also a wonton making station where you could make your own wonton for free (while supplies lasted).

Chinese food at the Bay Area Discovery Museum

Bean Sprouts Café is the year-round, onsite place to fuel up. The menu gives an array of options, including options for those with food allergies and other dietary restrictions. For added fun, Bean Sprouts Café has perfected the presentation of healthy children’s foods:

Bean Sprout Cafe Imaginibbles

Screen Shot from

To save on cash, bringing your own snacks or lunch is an option. There are some indoor seating options, but most of the seating is outdoors at picnic tables.


General Admission
Tuesday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  |  Sunday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Open Monday, February 19, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (regularly closed Mondays)

Member Hour
Saturday: 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.


The Bay Area Discovery Museum is closed Mondays unless noted.

BADM is closed on Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and for annual maintenance two weeks in September.


General Admission tickets include access to all indoor and outdoor exhibits, plus a wide range of daily drop-in programs.

  • $1 – For EBT Cardholders ($1 per family member of the household)
  • $13.95 – Baby (ages 6-11 months)
  • $14.95 – Child (ages 1-17)
  • $14.95 – Adult (ages 18-64)
  • $13.95 – Senior (ages 65+)


The famed Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade takes place tomorrow evening! The parade starts at 5:15 PM at Second and Market. You can learn everything you need to know about the parade on its FAQ page. Here’s the route map:

Chinese New Year Parade Route.PNG

What are your favorite places to visit in the San Francisco Bay Area?


(Happy New Year!)

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Toddler Activities Snowflake Painting

Today’s toddler activity was inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest. It looked like a simple enough activity and it didn’t require making any purchases. Win-win! We gave it a try and, of course, put our own twist on things.

This toddler activity gives your child the opportunity to practice fine motor skills while exploring their artistic side.

For this Snowflake Painting Toddler Activity, you’ll need the following:

Chances are, like us, you already have these items handy. If not, they’re affordable and easy to acquire.

Just so you know: I may get a commission if you purchase any products after clicking the links in this post. Using my links to shop is a great way to support my blog!

To kick things off, get your supplies prepared. Lay out your white construction paper and the shades of blue you’d like to paint with.

Toddler Activity with Tape and Chunkies Paint Sticks

Supplies: Paint, paper, tape.

If your little one is old enough, they can help you create the snowflakes out of tape. If they’re not quite ready to help with this, prep it for them while they play with something else or nap.

We can’t help ourselves, we used washi tape instead of regular tape. I can’t resist using washi tape whenever I can, it’s so pretty and easy to peel off of paper.

Washi Tape for Arts and Crafts

We taped on snowflakes of different sizes and we even let some spill off the edges of the paper. This gave us a variety of snowflakes to paint over and it helped keep our canvas in place.


Then, we painted! We used a dark blue and a light blue. Can you tell who did what?

After we were done painting, we let the paint dry and I carefully peeled the tape off of the paper. Here is how it came out, I’m really happy with it!


We added it to our display frame and it looks great! We add new art projects to our frame whenever we create them.

Melissa and Doug

My little one LOVES painting with the Chunkies Paint Sticks, so I knew this activity would be a hit. I love the way it turned out. I highly recommend doing this activity on your little one’s next snow day! If you live in the Bay Area, where snow is highly unlikely, do your snowflake painting anytime during the winter.

If you plan on doing this activity with your toddler or have done this activity already, please let me know! I’d love to hear about your experience. The comment section is below, just keep scrolling!

Have fun with your little one!

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