My little one, who I’ve been home with since her birth started pre-school this week. The tears have stopped (my tears, she was fine), but I do miss having my little buddy with me all day. Now that she’s away, I’m getting the question: What are you going to do? It’s known that I’m an Influencer, but not a lot of people really understand what that means. I get it, it’s a fairly new profession.

Blogging is just a fraction of what I do, but here is a checklist that I use to help me keep my posting in check. Fellow Influencers/Bloggers, please share this and use it yourselves. Fans and supporters, I hope this blogging checklist sheds a little light on what we Influencers do.

What do Influencers Do

How to Write a Successful Blog Post – What Influencers Do

1.) Brainstorm a blog post idea.

2.) Gather information by researching your chosen topic, visiting the place you’ll be discussing, or testing the product you’ll be reviewing.

3.) Gather relevant photos to accompany your post or snap some pics yourself.

3a.) If capturing your own photographs, edit them.

4.) Outline your blog post or choose a template from a previous post to use.

5.) Write! Complete a rough draft of your post.

6.) Edit your blog post and read it over 2-3 times to catch any existing typos.

7.) Add in photographs and relevant links.

8.) Pick the optimum time to publish your post and schedule it.

9.) Once your post has gone live, share it across your social media channels.

10.) Engage with your audience and interact with commenters across all social media channels.

12.) Don’t forget about your post, share it again a few months later or even a year later. If it needs updating, edit it. Utilize your content as much as possible!

The Pinable Version

Yellow Bordered Packing List

And companies think Influencers should do all of this for free . . . I had to say it! 😉 #sorrynotsorry

Did I forget anything? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading this post and supporting my blog. 🤩🤩🤩

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ENTER the Amazing August Giveaway!


What I need:

One great picture (you can send several and I’ll pick one) and a brief description of your Summer to Fall Transition Outfit Idea. Talk about where some pieces of the outfit came from and why it’s a great transitional outfit. I’m thinking just a few sentences.

What’s in it for you:

I’ll share one of your photos and your description in an upcoming post full of the submissions I receive. I will credit your photo and link to your blog.

In addition to posting on my blog, I will publicize this post across my social media channels several times, I’ll also feature it in my monthly newsletter. It’ll get plenty of views, I promise!


I’d like to publish this post in mid-September and am looking to receive submissions by the end of August.


If you’d like to participate, please e-mail me at with the subject line: Summer to Fall Outfit Post. Include your photo(s), brief outfit description, and a link to your blog. I’ll contact you shortly with more details and if I’ll be including your outfit or not. I will include as many outfit ideas as possible, but will probably cut the post off at 15-20 outfits.

I hope many of you awesome bloggers are interested and I look forward to working with you!

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Before breaking them down, here’s a comparison of the same photo edited with each of the apps I’m about to discuss.


Above we have the unedited, original photo. Below, from left to right in the first row, we have the SnapSeed edited photo and the Airbrush edited photo. In the second row from left to right, we have the VSCO edited photo and the PicMonkey edited photo.


Cost: Free!

Why I Use It: This is the app I use the most. It’s ideal for editing anything from selfies to landscapes. With this app you can easily crop your image, add text or filters, play with the perspective, and tune the overall image. The versatility of this app is what first brought me to it and is what keeps me continuously using it.

Edits Made to The Photo Below:

This image was tuned, cropped, and the edges were blurred. I also added two types of text, the banner text on the left and the simple text on the right.

Photo Edited with SnapSeed

Photo edited with SnapSeed.


Cost: Free!

Why I Use It: This app is perfect for perfecting your selfies. 😉 Simply press the “magic” button to have the app beautify your image for you or pick and choose what you’d like to edit. You can whiten your teeth, make blemishes disappear, and blur out the background of your photo. You can also play around and “apply makeup” with the app.

Edits Made to The Photo Below:

I cropped the photo, blurred the background a bit, and used the “magic” button to let the app do its thing. After that, I whitened my teeth and brightened my eyes.


Photo edited with Airbrush.


Cost: Free!

Why I Use It: Filters, filters, filters! I would say, and I think that many bloggers agree, that VSCO has the most aesthetically pleasing filters. The downside is that this app is not very intuitive, you’ll need to play around with it a bit to get the hang of it. Other than all that, you can utilize several tools to adjust anything from the exposure to your photos highlights and shadows.

Edits Made to The Photo Below:

I adjusted the temperature and exposure, cropped it, and added a filter.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Photo edited with VSCO.


Cost: Basic use is free, premium use is $1.99. Worth it.

Why I Use It: I love PicMonkey and use it for so much! I not only use the app, but I use the site on my laptop a ton too. Focusing on the app, you can draw on your pic, add filters, add text, crop it, add stickers, touch up selfies, and take advantage of all sorts of adjustment tools.

Edits Made to The Photo Below:

This photo was cropped. I also added a filter, text, and sticker to the photo. I adjusted the opacity of the sticker to make it transparent.


Photo edited with PicMonkey.

What are your favorite photo editing apps?

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Featured Image Credit: Designed by Freepik


Monthly Newsletter

At the end of each month an exclusive newsletter featuring a re-cap of the month’s most popular posts, a list of affiliate offers, and a list highlighting the best beauty and clothing related sales happening will be e-mailed. To get this additional content, make sure that you are subscribing by e-mail to this blog! You can do so here: e-mail newsletter sign-up.

New Posts

New Subscription Box Saturdays posts, will be published almost every Saturday at 8:30am PST. In these posts, I’ll be sharing in-depth reviews of my favorite subscription boxes and subscription boxes I’m trying out for the first time.

HAUTE Take posts are my new special announcement posts that share information on hot sales, offers, and gift with purchase opportunities that you need to know about ASAP! As soon as I find out about a sale, offer, or gift with purchase opportunity that I know you will not want to miss, I will post about it. That means that these posts could be published any day, at anytime.

Schedule Update

Fashion Fridays posts will now be posted Friday afternoons at 12:30pm PST. This is an experiment and may only be temporary. As mentioned, Subscription Box Saturdays and HAUTE Takes will be added into the mix. Check out my Blog Schedule & Info. page to get the full details.

Affiliate Partnerships

My biggest announcement is all of the new affiliate links and offers that I’m sure you’ve noticed popping up on the site and in posts. I’m still trying to find the best way to use these links so that they take a backseat to content. One of my biggest pet peeves is visiting a blog that is plastered with ads, I’d like to keep ads to a minimum and only link to brands and offers I think you’ll be interested in.

Using these links helps support my site and allows me to not only continue to publish quality content, but to keep improving it and providing you with fabulous updates and announcements like the ones in this post! For more details check out my Affiliate Disclosures page and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

I think that’s it! 🙂 As always, thank you so much for reading and supporting my site. XOXOXO

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If you’re ingrained in the blog-o-sphere, you may have seen the Blogger Meet n’ Greet posts floating around. I think these are a marvelous idea, so I thought I’d put together my own meet and greet post. Instead of creating this post just for bloggers, I’d like to include anyone and everyone who uses social media. Read on to see how the meet and greet works.

For non-bloggers:

In the comments below, please share the link to the social media profile page of your choice. For example, you could post your Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest profile. Feel free to check out all of the other links shared in the comments too! To share a profile link, go to the social media site of your choice, go to your profile, copy the link, and then paste it in the comments below.

For example, here are my social media profile links:





For bloggers:

Please give a brief intro to your blog, a one sentence or so summary of what your site is all about. Next, leave a link to your blog and check out the other links that have been shared. Your blog does not have to be beauty or fashion related to be included, the more diverse the types of sites shared the better!

That’s it! If you’d like to copy this post to share on your own blog, please feel free. Just be sure to give me a mention and link back to my blog somewhere in the post. Thanks for reading and I look forward to making lots of new connections!

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