This bay area blog is sincere and easy to relate to. I started it because I’ve often been complimented on my style. Wanting to share that style, I started snapping pics of what I throw on in the morning. That’s right, I don’t spend weeks planning my outfits or hire photographers to take my photos. Truthfully, I just get dressed and when I’m diligent I take a few selfies or my husband QUICKLY takes pictures of me while wrangling our toddler.

Growing up as a performer, I’ve taken dance lessons since I was 3, I’ve never been afraid of makeup and have learned a lot about application and products themselves throughout the years. Wanting to share my experience and this knowledge, I decided to include beauty as a prominent topic on my blog. I take my beauty and product pics while I’m getting ready for the day or during my little one’s nap time.

I’m a stay-at-home mom and have recently been transplanted to San Francisco, CA. Prior to living here, I’ve lived in Redwood City, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Redondo Beach, CA, Hoboken, NJ, Astoria, NY, and Utica, NY. Whew! Exploring my new city, and being a mom, has inspired me to write about things to do in San Francisco.

I’m passionate about what I write and my goal is to inspire others to feel their best, by looking their best. If this sounds good to you, subscribe below!

If you have any specific questions or are interested in working together, please visit my contact page to let me know!