Dermaflage Review and Where To Buy It

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Most concealers on the market are fine, but what about a concealer that uses the techniques and formulations the pros in Hollywood use? Your search for a fabulous full coverage foundation, shine-reducing powder, and incognito concealer end here.

The Dermaflage products I’m going to share with you today conceal imperfections and, therefore, can boost confidence. Dermaflage is here to help you look and feel your best every day.

Today, let’s talk about the following products from Dermaflage:

  • Tattoo Cover-Up Palette
  • Behind the Scenes Corrector Palette
  • Made in the Shade Mineral Powder Foundation
  • D-Shine Banana Setting Powder

Dermaflage Tattoo Cover-Up Palette Review

I was very excited to try the Dermaflage Tattoo Cover-Up Palette, I couldn’t wait to see how well it worked. Would my tattoos disappear before my eyes or would they stubbornly show through whatever I tried to hide them under?

The Dermaflage Tattoo Cover-Up Palette includes three shades of concealer: Coral, Medium, and Light Tan. I tried out the Medium Palette, but this palette is also available in Bronze, Fair, Light, Light Tan, Tan, Dark, and Deep. I followed the directions very carefully when applying this cover-up to make sure I experienced the best that the Dermaflage Tattoo Cover-Up Palette has to offer.

After applying several layers of the Coral concealer, to block out dark ink, I applied a mixture of the Medium and Light Tan Concealers to best match my natural skin tone. Each of these formulas is really creamy. They glide on smooth and dry matte with no stickiness whatsoever.

Once this concealer is dry, it is waterproof and it does. not. budge. I’m wearing the concealer under long-sleeves right now and there is not a trace of the cover-up on the inside of my sleeve. And, as far as the visibility of my tattoo where I used the cover-up? The Dermaflage Tattoo Cover-up is completely opaque, my tattoo has disappeared… Take a look at the step-by-step application of this cover-up directly below!

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NOTE: Do not apply the layers of concealer too thick. If you do, you will most likely experience flaking after a few hours. Try to keep your layers thin, build them up until you reach your desired level of coverage.

Dermaflage Behind The Scenes Color Correcting Palette Review

I love color-correcting palettes and this one does not disappoint! Color-correcting palettes like this one provide everything you need to concealer dark under-eye circles, discoloration, redness, acne, and more. The Dermaflage Behind The Scenes Color Correcting Palette includes 5 shades of cream concealer (that blend in beautifully) and a brush. I find the brush helpful for smaller spots you’d like to conceal, but otherwise, under my eyes, for example, I apply the concealer and blend it in with my fingertips.

Each shade in this palette has a different purpose.

  • Peach and Dark Peach disguise dark circles.
    • I use the dark peach under my eyes to conceal dark circles first, then I brighten the under-eye area up with the peach.
  • Yellow covers discolorations (age spots).
    • I use this on a sun/age spot that I have on my cheek.
  • Green neutralizes redness.
    • I use this on my cheeks and chin.
  • Purple brightens dullness.
    • I use this between my eyebrows and blend it up onto my forehead, where I like to add a little highlight after applying foundation.
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Dermaflage Made In The Shade Mineral Powder Foundation Review

The Dermaflage Made In The Shade Mineral Powder Foundation is full coverage with natural sunscreen and anti-oxidants. This is ideal because it ensures you’re protected from the sun without adding an extra step to your makeup or skincare routine. Put this long-wear foundation on and you’re covered, in more ways than one! Being a mineral powder foundation with no harmful chemicals, it is ideal for sensitive skin.

I love the coverage and matte finish of this foundation. I also love how seamlessly it blends in. Unlike other full-coverage foundations that can feel heavy or like they’re suffocating your skin, this one feels light and airy. It feels as if you have no foundation on your skin at all!

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Dermaflage D-Shine Banana Setting Powder

This banana powder is a multi-tasking marvel! It eliminates shine by controlling oil. It also minimizes pores and fine lines, sets makeup for long-wear, and corrects discolorations. For all-day matte coverage, I use this over my Dermaflage concealer and mineral powder foundation. The Dermaflage D-Shine Banana Setting Powder is the last step for a flawless face.

FYI, it does not include parabens, talc, paraffins, petrolatum, mineral oil or synthetic fragrances.

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Take a look at my flawless face, thanks to Dermaflage, below! These photos are NOT edited.

Where To Buy Dermaflage

You can purchase any of the above-mentioned products, along with everything else Dermaflage has to offer, right on Amazon! Here are the links to the products mentioned in this post.

Dermaflage Tattoo Cover-Up Palette

Dermaflage Behind The Scenes Color Correcting Palette

Dermaflage Made In The Shade Mineral Powder Foundation

Dermaflage D-Shine Banana Setting Powder

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