Ten Great Ways To Add Life Into Your Workwear

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It doesn’t matter where you work or for whom, workwear is a DRAG. Sure, professionalism is key, but wearing suits every day can be so draining. You spend years in school putting on a uniform and showing up to be the same as everyone else, so going to work and doing the same thing can be exhausting. You can really lose yourself when you blend in with everyone else, and whether you enjoy shopping for the latest trends, or you simply want to exude a little personality, you have the power to control the way that others see you.

There are some uniforms that are a necessity when you’re at work or on Zoom, especially if you are working a laborious job, in a courtroom, or are in a healthcare setting. Your workwear should help you to feel powerful and in control in the office, and you need to ensure that what you already own for work will not be standing in your way in your quest to add life into your working wardrobe.

You have to cut through the clutter in your current wardrobe, learn what will work for you, and then check out any of the below strategies to change the way that you feel when it comes to getting dressed for work. You don’t have to go to work feeling less than confident, especially not when the best Italian fashion can make you feel excellent! So, let’s take a look at how you can add life to your workwear and change how you feel when you’re in the workplace.

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  • Add Some Color

You do not have to wear black to be taken seriously. Your workwear wardrobe should include colors that will make you feel seen and feel good. Every day of the week, include one piece of color in your outfit. Whether you do it with scarves or with a handbag color, you need to make something pop. Black suits can be depressing, but when you pair them with colorful blouses or tops under your jacket, you can change the way your whole outfit looks.

  • Declutter Everything

Go back through your wardrobe and your drawers and get rid of all items pertaining to workwear that are over 10 years old. You do not need to have a packed wardrobe that will never be worn. What you need to do is create a capsule wardrobe for work. You need an outfit for each day of the week, and you can then build on those outfits with accessories and shoes, outerwear, and handbags. Look at the pieces you have that work for your job, and then expand on those. Is red your color? Invest in red accessories and blouses, jewelry, and more. Decluttering the clothes you do have to make room for the new workwear you want will add some pizzazz to your wardrobe. 

  • Journal It!

You may remember Clueless, the movie? They take photographs of each outfit they wear so that they can see what looks good. When they do this, they can be sure what looks great and works well, and it’s easier to judge a bunch of photos than the mirror reflection. So, get a journal and keep a note of what you wear every day. You can then work out which fabrics, styles, and shapes work well for your body. You can also see what colors really work for your skin tone and your eye color. By keeping a journal of the things that you wear that are most popular, you can then know what to shop for, this is a good way to prevent wasting your money and cut down on clothing you don’t wear. There’s nothing worse than a wardrobe full of things that you won’t ever wear!

  • Speak to A Style Consultant

This can be a friend of yours who knows you well, but you have to get some feedback from an outsider about your wardrobe. Someone in your life can cast an objective eye over what you are wearing and this will help you to get the honest feedback you need. A fresh eye over your style will help you to decide whether what you choose to wear is the right thing. You will also be given some fresh suggestions as to what will look good for you, and you can then go shopping for the new outfit items you need to add some life to your working wardrobe. If a friend consults with you, you can rely on their opinion as they won’t let you go out to work looking less than ready to slay.

  • Make A Point Of Choosing Your “Uniform”

If you’re in an office, you won’t have to wear a uniform every day – however – you will have to be professional, even if your co-workers are only seeing your top half on Zoom. If you are choosing to put together an ensemble made up of specific pieces, you are going to give yourself that uniform instead. The same outfit every day with varying accessories and colors will give you a whole new way to work in the office. You will feel like your wardrobe is simplified and professional, without breaking the bank to buy a whole round of new clothes. You don’t need to have thirty pairs of shoes, and you don’t need to have more than five suits. Instead, you need to have clothes that are versatile enough to remain interchangeable. Ideally, your capsule wardrobe will include a range of low-key jewelry items, accessories and outerwear alongside the “uniform” you choose to wear everyday.

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  • Overhaul It All

Are you used to wearing skirt suits? Overhaul your wardrobe with trouser suits instead. Add dresses, add office shorts, add options that will give your whole wardrobe something new to base your style on. Choose quality brands with your workwear: you want it to last and you want it to be taken seriously in the workplace. Your choice to overhaul your wardrobe can make or break the way that people see you and you want people to take you seriously in the office and on Zoom. 

  • Get Inspired

There are magazines that will inspire you – whether you are a man or a woman! You need to find your feet and that means getting inspired with your outfits. Look at things that are in this season and from past seasons, and compare them to what you already have. Then build on those things and make sure that you are choosing the right outfits that are on-trend. You can choose new outfits and you can invest in the items you’re missing!

  • Downgrade Your Clothes

Do you have fancy items in your wardrobe that you never wear? Downgrading those items and investing in ones you know you will wear regularly is the smartest choice that you can make. Dressy items are pretty and you can wear them for occasions, but the likelihood is that you won’t wear them again! Workwear will always be needed and you will always have to buy pieces for your working uniform. Downgrade the fancy, dressy stuff and amp up your daily look instead. The daily look at work is the one that you’re going to need to remember every day! Take the time to downgrade your wardrobe and you’re going to have everything you need for work.

  • Get Rid Of The Duds

How old are the items in your work wardrobe? Old suits that are ill-fitting have no place in an office if you are trying to look professional. It’s easy to keep hold of things you’ve worn since your first job, and if you have pairs of shoes cluttering up the wardrobe, then it’s time to get rid of all the dud items you have and start making outfits out of what you definitely have to use. There is no room for items that are broken, worn or old. Speak to a tailor and get your new wardrobe made just for you if you have the dough to replace items quickly.

  • Ever Heard Of A Golden Wardrobe?

There is something called the “Golden Wardrobe Ratio” and it’s the best thing to use for your working wardrobe, especially if yours is constantly cluttered. It can be hard to part with items from your wardrobe, but if you don’t, you’re going to need to now! So, for your Golden Wardrobe, you have to look at every three items: one stays, two must be thrown out! It’s hard to part with so many different things, but you can then really consider what you want to achieve with your wardrobe and get rid of all the clutter and old clothes you no longer need.

A workwear wardrobe has to be professional, colorful, fun and is filled with life. Take the time to work out what will look good on you, and you can make your work wardrobe everything you need for it to be. Look smart, work smart, and make that power move for your office with a powerful wardrobe that will have an impact.


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