MANIKO Nail Polish Strips Review

Maniko Starter Kit Nail Polish Strips

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I love colorful nails, I love 14-free and cruelty-free nail color, and I love quick and easy application. Maniko Nail Polish Strips give me everything I love and SO much more! Let’s chat about their packaging, application, removal, and the manicure I created with my Maniko Nail Polish Strips.

MANIKO Nail Polish Strips Packaging

Maniko Nail Polish Strips Review

The Maniko Starter Kit arrives in an adorable pink bubble wrap resealable bag. Instead of circular bubbles, this bag has heart-shaped bubbles! Inside the Maniko Starter Kit bag I found a glass nail file, Maniko Top Coat (Glossy), Maniko Nail Polish Remover, and 2 packs of 26 self-adhesive nail strips in the colors of my choosing.

In addition to the starter kit, Maniko generously gifted me a bottle of Maniko Base Coat (Care) and 2 additional packs of nail polish strips. Here are the colors I chose to try:

Metropolis: This has a clear base with a modern metallic silver geometric design.

Neo Mint: A refreshing, mint green.

Fortune Teller: A fun, indigo purple. *As of writing this post, Fortune Teller is unfortunately sold out.

Onyx: I’m saving this jet black for October!

Easy Application

The application has several steps but is easy, I promise! After applying a few nail polish strips I was able to get the hang of it. After 2 or 3 nails I didn’t even need to reference the application instructions, which BTW, are conveniently printed on the back of each pack of nail polish strips.

Maniko Application Instructions

Here’s How I Applied My Maniko Nail Polish Strips:

  1. I first prepped my nails by cleaning them with the included acetone-free Maniko Nail Polish Remover (Sashay Away!). Then, I gently pushed my cuticles back.
    • Since I had the Maniko Base Coat available, I applied a layer of that to complete my nail prep. I recommend getting the Base Coat in addition to your starter kit, it’s enriched with biotin, keratin, Vitamin E, and calcium!
  2. Next, I chose what color I wanted to use and the nail polish strip that fit my nail the best. If you find that one or more of your nails is between 2 sizes, size down.
  3. I placed my nail polish strip on my nail, making sure that my nail polish strip was centered and not placed on my cuticles.
  4. As recommended, I next folded the excess over my nail and used the included Maniko Glass Nail File to file off the folded end.
    • Note: If your nails are short, the excess can be snipped off after folding and before filing to be used on another nail.
  5. To complete my manicure, I used the included Maniko Top Coat (Glossy) to seal my nail polish strip. I covered the tip of my nail with this top coat too for a flawless, long-lasting manicure.
Maniko Nail Polish Strips Application
After applying the base coat.
Maniko Nail Polish Strips Application Review
Ready to fold, snip, and file!

Quick And Simple Removal

Removal is surprisingly easy. I’ve tried other nail polish strips and they were very difficult to remove, some even damaged my nails. FYI, the only reason I removed them was for the purpose of writing this review, I didn’t want to remove them!

To remove my nail polish strips, I soaked a cotton pad with the Maniko Nail Polish Remover and held it on my nails for a few seconds. I swiped the cotton pad off of my nail expecting it to have done nothing. I was getting ready to scrub, but I did not need to scrub. The color was already completely removed and there was no damage to my nails whatsoever. All I can say about that is: Amazing!

My Maniko Manicure

Maniko Nail Polish Strips Colors

Using one color or pattern for your entire manicure is a fantastic idea! Using multiple colors and patterns together is fantastically fun too! I chose to use 2 colors and 1 pattern.

On my left hand, I applied Neo Mint on my pinky finger and pointer finger. Fortune Teller went on my ring finger, middle finger, and thumb. I did the opposite on my right hand. On both hands, I applied Metropolis on top of my pinky fingers and ring fingers.

MANIKO Manicure Highlights

Maniko Nail Polish Strips

Besides the fairly straight-forward application and super simple removal, there are several other things about Maniko Nail Polish Strips that I adore.

When applying my Maniko manicure I was interrupted several times by my 5-year-old daughter (that seems to be a running theme lately). With regular nail polish, this would have been a nightmare. But, since these nail polish strips require zero drying time, this wasn’t an issue at all. Even the base coat and top coat dry really quickly.

I also adore that Maniko Nail Polish Strips are 14-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. They’re also pregnancy-safe, so if you’re planning on being interrupted while doing your nails, these are perfect for you! 😉

Where To Purchase MANIKO Nail Polish Strips

Maniko Nail Polish Strips can be purchased directly from Maniko’s website, check out their full line of products here and their Starter Kit here.

Enjoy your marvelous Maniko manicure!

Maniko Nail Polish Remover Base Coat Top Coat


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