My Noom Journey – A Noom Review

Where My Noom Journey Begins

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This story isn’t going where you think it is…

My mom’s friend raved about Noom. She shared her success using the weightloss app with my mom, convincing her to give it a try too. My mom did and she loved it. She raved to me about Noom, telling me how much I would enjoy using it. She said that it was almost as if I had written the daily lessons myself— they reminded her so much of my style of writing and sense of humor.

I had briefly tried Noom previously but canceled it before being charged the hefty $199 fee for a Premium membership. This time, I had a $20 off referral code from my mom and I really wanted to lose my quarantine 15. This time, after the 2-week trial, I paid for the Premium membership. My Noom journey had begun.

The Beginning Of My Noom Journey

My mom was right, Noom is amazing! Instead of a fad diet, that won’t work long-term, it’s a program that focuses on the psychology of weight loss and making behavioral changes. The weight comes off slowly. The goal is to create long-term behaviors that are sustainable so when the weight is lost, it’s gone for good.

Having a degree in Psychology, this is right up my alley! I find why we do what we do and what we can do to create new, better behaviors fascinating. Not to mention, Noom is pretty humorous. It’s full of puns and dad-jokes, which I found entertaining. But, what I liked most about Noom is that it worked. Weight has been coming off, slowly, but surely. Noom is a positive motivator that made me feel that I could change my behaviors for the better and keep the extra pounds off once and for all.

Loving It!

A little over a week ago I was recommending Noom to everyone who would listen. I would be giving it a glowing review right now, but I got a new phone switching from Android to iOS. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? Well, buckle up, Noom is about to get nasty.

Signing into the Noom app on my shiny new iPhone 11 Pro, I was confused to find that my data was gone. I was back to square one as if I had never started the Noom program. Even more confusing, and upsetting, I found that the Premium plan that I had paid for disappeared as well.

Hmm, Something’s Not Right

I messaged Noom’s Support team for the first time, expecting a quick and satisfying response. It’s such a great app! Surely, this was a minor oversite that could be remedied instantly. Their response was neither quick nor satisfying. While I impatiently waited to hear back from them — I loved my daily lessons and hated missing out on them — I did some research.

It turns out Noom is unable to transfer account data from Android to iOS, which I found interesting since every other App I use had no issue with this. This was disappointing to discover, but I naively figured Noom Support would be able to restore my account no problem or at least refund my money so I could start again. Starting again wasn’t an ideal solution, but it was something.

Hey Noom, Are You There?

Almost a week later, I still hadn’t heard anything, even though Noom support promises to get back to you in about 6 hours. Growing increasingly frustrated, I thought okay fine, if you don’t want to respond to my help requests I’ll reach out on Twitter.

I admit I went a little overboard on Twitter and Twitter-bombed them. In my defense, this is sometimes, unfortunately, the only way to get companies to listen to us consumers. I messaged them on Instagram too. By mid-afternoon the next day, I still had not received a response from Noom Support on any platform.

Let’s Try This Again

I decided to reach out to Noom Support again. This time they responded in a timely manner. They gave a canned response, ignored my mentioning a possible refund, and basically told me, that sucks, we can’t help you, good luck!

Take a look:

Hi Morgan,

Thanks for reaching out.

I’m so sorry to hear this happened. When switching devices, your data will not transfer cross-platform (or tablets). You can only swap Android to Android or iPhone to iPhone.

If you have switched between the same platform, but data was still lost, we can only advise to uninstall Noom from both devices and reinstall it to only one to see if the data returns. Unfortunately, we are unable to recover data that is lost.

In the rare chance that your curriculum was also reset, we can only advise to reach out to your coach and request they forward-wind your program to the week you were on.

We apologize for the disappointment.

All the best in your Health and Wellness journey!

After several exchanges and embarrassingly quoting them the wrong amount for my refund (twice) and having an issue figuring out what e-mail I originally signed up with (#facepalm), my account was reinstated. I was again told that my Noom coach could “forward-wind” my progress so I didn’t have to start from square one. That was a lie.

My Noom Coach’s Response

Having been dealing with Noom Support for about a week at this point, I did as advised. I contacted my Noom coach. Again, I was promised that my progress would be restored the next day. All I had to do was login the next day to pick up where I left off. I didn’t understand why the Support team couldn’t do this. But, I thought, whatever, at least I’m finally getting my Premium program and progress back.

As you may have guessed, this was not the case the next day. My Premium account was there, but my progress was still lost. I reached out again. Apparently, after being told 3 times that my account could be “forwarded,” it can’t be! Noom’s Response: Haha, oops!

Okay, not really, here’s our conversation:

[2020–08–08T15:53:04.645] user: Hi, I logged in this morning and my program has not progressed past day 2. Can you please fast forward my account again?

[2020–08–08T20:24:40.215] coach: Hey Morgan! I am so sorry! That was my mistake 🙁

[2020–08–08T20:25:15.757] coach: Your current program is self paced, so I’m actually not able to adjust the days.

[2020–08–08T20:27:48.228] user: Okay, how do I adjust the dates? Support advised me twice that this can be done.

[2020–08–08T20:28:30.797] user: This is unacceptable and I want a refund if this can’t be fixed, I’m not getting what I paid for.

The End Of Noom

My coach didn’t respond after that. To my surprise, my account was deleted almost immediately. I was promised a refund via e-mail from Noom Support, not the coach. I did get my refund a few hours later. After a week of tedious messaging back and forth, I got nothing close to the result I was expecting. Sure, I have my money back, but I no longer have access to a program I really liked.

I could go ahead and start again and pay for a new account, but I’m not going to. After dealing with their “Support,” I’m convinced that resolving customer issues and providing the promised service is not a priority.

That is the unfortunate end of my Noom journey.

Have you tried Noom? How has your experience been with it?

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