5 Simple Exercises to do with Your Dog

By Eva Greene

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There are many exercises that you can do with your dog but only some of them will truly help you and your dog burn calories and strengthen your bond. Here are some simple exercises that you can enjoy together! 

#1. Running/Jogging

Dogs have a natural urge to catch someone who is running. If you run, your dog will chase after you. If you think that running is not an option, then jogging will be okay. Do not forget to leash your dog because they might get lost.

Benefits: Running makes every body part active and it improves blood circulation. Jogging also does the same but it burns fewer calories. 

#2. Playing Fetch

Most dogs will play fetch because they get to have treats for it but, some dogs do not like to give the thing back after they have acquired it from fetching. Here comes your role as their guide. Take a ball, grab your dog’s attention, and then throw it. Your dog will run after it and bring it back. If he doesn’t coax him to get it back. 

Benefits: Whenever you play fetch your dog learns discipline. He will give you the ball back when you teach them properly. If they do not give it up then you need to work on his or her discipline.

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#3. Hiking 

Hiking is another very effective method to grow your bond with your dog. Most dogs have more energy than humans so it is easier for them to hike but not so easy for us if we are not that fit. Choose a mild trail where you can casually hike and take your dog, always leashed. 

Benefits: Hiking has many benefits, you both have to work your whole body so you burn calories. The bond between you two also grows even stronger. 

#4. Simple yoga poses

Simple yoga poses can be done by your dog if he or she is disciplined and obedient. You can tell your dog to copy you when practicing yoga. Slowly your dog will become accustomed to what you’re doing and either sit with you calmly while you practice yoga or, if you’re really lucky, do simple yoga poses with you. Several yoga poses are named after the way dogs stretch, so they should be the masters of those poses, right? 🙂

Benefits: Yoga makes our stresses go away and gives a healthy balance between mind and body. If your dog is not comfortable you can take yoga classes where others come and learn. Seeing other dogs do yoga poses will help them learn better. 

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#5. Swimming 

Swimming is a very fun option on hot days. However, if your dog is not the type to go into the water then you should not force them. If your dog loves to play in the water, then take them to a swimming pool where pets are allowed, a local lake, or even the ocean.

Benefits: Swimming is a great low-impact exercise and your dog gets to have a good cardiovascular workout. Your dog can release his or her excess energy by swimming. 

Author Bio: Eva Greene is a Lead Pet Blogger at Doggytalent.com, where she shares everything she has learned about dogs, by documenting her own journey. She made some critical mistakes that cost her a lot of stress, she started the blog to prevent other dog owners from making the same mistakes.


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