The 100% Pure Cotton Sheet Mask You Need Right Now

Let me just start this post by saying, I love sheet masks. They’re skincare for lazy girls (like me!).

Put a sheet mask on, lounge, then toss it. You don’t even have to wash your face, you just massage the essence into your face and relax for the evening or continue on with your day. However, I don’t love sheet masks that don’t fit my face properly or smooth onto my skin just right. Having parts of the mask popping off and having to constantly smooth them back down is annoying, not relaxing.

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A 100% Pure Cotton Sheet Mask That Hugs My Face

Madeca Derma Cotton Sheet Mask Essence

The Madeca Derma 100% Pure Cotton Sheet Mask For Fresh Youthful-Looking Skin solves this problem! This revitalizing mask conforms to my face perfectly, staying exactly where I put it until it’s time to take it off.

Besides feeling very comfortable and refreshing on my skin, this mask firms, brightens, mega-moisturizes, and purifies my skin, restoring youthful suppleness and radiance. After just one use, my skin looks and feels fabulous!

This mask is highly concentrated, aka it has a lot of essence! It’s practically dripping with all of that revitalizing good stuff. Once my mask time is up, there is plenty of hydrating essence left to massage into my skin. I like using this mask in the evening, letting the essence absorb into my skin overnight.

How To Use The Madeca Derma 100% Pure Cotton Sheet Mask

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As I’ve mentioned, using this mask is easy-peasy.

First, cleanse and tone your skin. This mask can be incorporated into your morning or evening skin routine, I like to use it in the evening.

Next, unfold one sheet mask and apply it to your skin. Adjust it around your eye and mouth area, so that it feels comfortable and is fitting/covering all of the right areas of your face. Avoid contact with your eyes.

Leave the mask on for 10-20, I like to leave it on for the full 20. This is the best part! Relax and let the mask do its magic.

Once your time is up, gently remove the mask and massage or pat the essence into your skin. Enjoy your revitalized skin!

Get Your New Favorite Mask!

Madeca Derma Revitalizing Mask

I know what you’re thinking, where can I get this mask, I need it right now!? 😉 This mask is conveniently available on Amazon, you can shop it right here!

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