Affordable Ways to Look (and Feel) Your Best Throughout the Pandemic

After being stuck at home for months, you might be feeling ready to venture into a post-lockdown society. Even if you opt to stay in a bit longer, you’re probably itching to get back to looking and feeling more normal. Fortunately, there are three affordable and easy ways to look and feel better, whether you’re hitting the town or not.

1. Start Working from Within

What you eat (and drink) can have a significant effect on how you look. After all, alcohol- (and even coffee-) bloat is a thing! Plus, we all know what happens when you stress-eat too many quarantine snacks while burning fewer calories. But did you know that what you consume can also boost—or tank—your mood?

The truth is that nutrition might be the most essential factor in improving your mental health. In fact, foods like walnuts, yogurt, sweet potatoes, and dark berries can reduce the risk of depression while keeping your body in good shape, too. Adding specific food items to your shopping cart is also a more affordable move than pricey beauty shortcuts.

While you’re shopping, add more bottled water to your cart, too (or head to the tap more often). Medical News Today explains that drinking more water has tons of benefits, like clearer skin, faster weight loss, and even fewer wrinkles. And while you can glean water from foods, especially water-rich foods like soups and fruits, you’re best off drinking the real deal.

2. Shop Smart on Beauty Indulgences

While starting on the inside is great, most beauty enthusiasts also want to look their best on the outside. Learning some simple beauty techniques can help, but shopping for new products is a highlight. When you’re on a beauty budget, of course, you have to shop smart.

Fortunately, if you shop at places like Sephora, you can snag sales, and you can even top off your savings with Sephora coupons and cash back deals from other websites. With these offers, you can save on your entire cart, making beauty much more budget friendly. And as a bonus, you don’t have to leave home to get your pampering beauty products!

Keep in mind, though, that part of maintaining your health involves watching what you put in and on your body. Bay Area Beauty Blogger suggests detoxing your beauty routine and being more cautious about what goes on your body’s largest organ—your skin.

Speaking of skin safety, adding a skin-safe sunscreen to your routine is another budget-friendly way to stay healthy. Experts recommend wearing sunscreen every day, even if you’ll only be outside for a short time. For the best protection, let it soak in for at least 30 minutes before heading out.

3. Incorporate an Exercise Routine

Since most gyms are still closed, adding exercise to your routine might sound complicated. But the good news is that there are tons of online workouts you can do at home—and many of them are free or otherwise budget-friendly.

One idea is to stream live workouts from your favorite local fitness instructor. Many fitness gurus are offering budget packages to help boost their income during the shutdown—which means cheaper pricing for you outside the studio. Of course, you can also queue up videos online that show you how to perfect a plank or achieve a strenuous yoga pose.

Working out may help you keep excess weight off, but it also boosts your body’s endorphin production (some exercises more than others). In fact, the American Psychological Association calls it “the exercise effect,” because getting active can help ease stress and boost mental wellness for free.

Whether you feel energetic or apprehensive about post-quarantine activities, looking your best can help you maintain a more positive attitude about the future. By maintaining a healthier body and mind (and adding essential beauty steps), you can put your best foot forward as society reopens.

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    I’m loving Pamela Reif dance workouts. I’m not the type of person who loves working out but hers make me smile thought and they are so fun!

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