3D Fiber Mascara Review

Lash Science 3D Fiber Mascara Kit

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3D Fiber Mascara is the new way to get that false lash look. This incredibly easy to use 3D Fiber Lash kit from Simply Naked Beauty can be easily purchased on Amazon. If you have Prime, you could have luscious, long lashes in a matter of days!

Why Fiber Mascara?

I love long, dramatic lashes. I often put on falsies when creating makeup looks or going out for a special occasion. Day or night, I want my lashes to look defined and long, especially if I know a lot of photos will be taken. Long lashes in photos really make your eyes pop! But, putting on false lashes all of the time can be time-consuming and frustrating, not to mention harmful to your natural lashes if you’re not careful. That’s where 3D Fiber Mascara, like this one from Simply Naked Beauty, comes in!

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Simply Naked Beauty 3D Fiber Mascara Review

SimplyNakedBeauty Lash Science Gold
Nourishing 3D Fiber Mascara Packaging.

The mascara that I tried from Simply Naked Beauty is made with 100% USDA Certified Organic Castor Oil Growth Enhancing Serum making this product a Lash Growth Serum and Mascara in one! This mascara/serum combo is hypoallergenic, waterproof, and smudge-proof.

Immediately after receiving my 3D Fiber Mascara kit, I put the growth-enhancing serum and 3D Fiber Lashes to the test. Here’s how it went!

How To Use 3D Fiber Mascara

Fiber Lash Mascara Texture Review
The fibers up close, they look so fluffy!

First, I swiped on the Lash Science Gold Nourishing Mascara from Simply Naked Beauty. Worn alone, this mascara provides defined, natural-looking lashes with no clumping whatsoever. This mascara is a great day-to-day option. BONUS: It doubles as a lash growth serum!

Next, I broke out the Lash Science 3D Fiber Mascara Gel and the Lash Science 3D Fiber Mascara Fiber. Following the instructions very carefully, I began by applying the gel from the middle of my lashes to the tips on one eye only. As recommended, I worked on one eye at a time. While the gel was still wet I applied the fibers by gently brushing them from the middle of my lashes to the tips. My lashes began lengthening (with the help of these little fibers) right before my eyes!

Note: Do not apply the fibers to the base of your lashes – this is to avoid getting fibers in your eyes. We don’t want that!

After about 20 seconds, I sealed the fibers in place with the gel and then let the gel dry. After only one coat I saw a difference in my lashes. I had a wonderfully natural-looking everyday look. But seeing that you can repeat this process another 1-2 times for even more dramatic lashes, I knew I had to keep going!

3D Fiber Mascara Results

Amazon Fiber Lash Mascara Gel Fiber Review
Top Left: Lash Science Gold Nourishing Mascara
Top Right: Lash Science 3D Fiber Mascara Fiber – 1st Coat
Bottom Center: Lash Science 3D Fiber Mascara Fiber – 3rd Coat

With each coat, my lashes appeared to grow longer. By the 3rd coat, I had a false lash look, without the hassle of applying false lashes. The fibers enhanced my lashes in a very natural-looking way. Using these fibers will keep people guessing: Are those falsies? If they are, where is the strip?

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Once I was done following the step-by-step instructions and applying the lash fibers to both eyes, I combed through my lashes with the brush included. This last step is to get rid of any clumping, which I didn’t have much of at all.

3D Fiber Mascara Tips and Tricks

Fiber Mascara Gel and Base Ingredients
Ingredients in the Gel, Fiber, and Nourishing Base.

Just an FYI, once these lashes are applied they are not going anywhere! To remove them you must soak a cotton pad (preferably a reusable one) with warm water. Then wrap it around your lashes for 10-20 seconds. To make sure you get each and every fiber, go for the full 20 seconds. When your time is up, gently wipe downwards away from your eyes. Don’t pull hard, it’s not necessary and you don’t want to accidentally damage your natural lashes. If there is any remaining residue, grab your favorite eye makeup remover and gently wipe it away.

Ready to take your lashes to the next level? Shop the Simply Naked Beauty 3D Lash Science Nourishing 3D Fiber Mascara kit discussed in this post right here.

There is also an option to purchase the 3D Lash Science 3D Fiber Mascara Gel and the Lash Science 3D Fiber Mascara Fiber without the Lash Science Gold Nourishing Mascara base right here.

What are your thoughts on lash fibers? Have you tried them?

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