Phyla System Review

Lately, the stress of lockdown and everything that has been happening on this planet is giving me stress pimples. Is this happening to you too? I hope you’ve been spared of stress pimples, but if not, I have the perfect solution for you! Let’s talk about Phyla probiotic acne care, here’s my Phyla system review!

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Skincare With Probiotics

The Phyla system is not your average acne care system, this one uses probiotics to improve your skin’s microbiome and nourish your skin. The Phyla system selectively kills bad bacteria and preserves good bacteria to keep your skin healthy.

Phyla System Review

Instead of using harsh chemicals to clear your skin, Phyla provides clear skin in a gentle way. The Phyla system is the gentlest acne care system that I’ve ever used. The Phyla Gel Cleanser, in particular, is hands down the most moisturizing facial cleanser that I’ve ever used! Instead of my face feeling tight and dry after washing it, my face feels plump and moist.

I follow up the gel cleanser with the Phyla Phortify Probiotic Serum. The probiotic serum is very thin and light. I massage it into my skin and then let it absorb for several minutes. It is recommended that these products be used together as combining them with other acne products could cancel out their effectiveness and benefits.

The last step in my very easy Phyla skincare routine is the Phyla Phluff Moisturizer. Fluff is a great name for this product. This moisturizer feels like a cloud, yet it is very hydrating. In my mind, moisturizing often means thick. That’s not a bad thing, but some very good moisturizers can feel heavy and suffocating on my skin. Phyla fluff feels like moisturizing air on your skin, it is seriously so light!

Phyla System Results

I started using the Phyla acne care line about 2 weeks ago and have not gotten a stress pimple, or any pimple for that matter, since. The pimples that I did have when beginning my Phyla skincare routine healed nicely without pain or scarring.

If acne is a skincare concern of yours, I’d give the Phyla line of products a try. There’s not much else to do right now, so why not experiment with some new skincare products that are great for your skin! Keep an eye out, Phyla’s website is launching at the end of this month (April 2020)!

Stay safe. Stay healthy!

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