Tips For Establishing A Stylish Wardrobe On A Budget

Fashion seems to be a rich person’s game, but that’s not always the case. Innovative designers have created amazing stylish garments on a budget, and who is to say that can’t be you as well.

When you’re looking to overhaul or just brighten up your wardrobe, it may seem an impossible or overwhelming task. However, with a little bit of knowledge, great budgeting skills, and some hands-on work, you’ll be strutting the runway of life in fashionable clothes in no time.

Here are some great tips on how to get yourself a seriously stylish wardrobe on a shoestring budget.

Establish Your Budget

What may be seriously counting pennies to one person may be a ridiculous notion to another. When you’re establishing a budget, especially when it comes to clothes, it’s important to know exactly what you can afford. Sometimes it’s hard to resist those heels or that perfect pencil skirt. You can do this by setting aside a certain amount every month or saving up for one dedicated shopping day. 

Also, don’t worry if your budget is small. There’s plenty of options out there at every price point, so don’t let that be a discouragement. Instead, let it invigorate your creative side!

Identify Your Style

Nothing is stagnant in the fashion world. What may be incredibly stylish one day may be a has-been the next. What’s important to note is what you want your style to be. 

What is stylish to you

If there are certain designers you love, do a bit of research on their lines, where their inspirations came from, who is wearing them, etc.

Having a set look in mind will make everything going forward much easier. Whether that be sleek, simple, and classic or jumping on the latest trend bandwagon (and there’s nothing wrong with that), knowing what to keep your eye out for will save you a lot of getting frustrated in the fitting room and endless scrolling online.

Don’t Forget Your Basics

If you find a basic shirt, pant, or dress that not only looks great but is neutral and buildable – get more than one! Having classic basics are the foundation of any stylish wardrobe. You also won’t want to be chasing them in the washing machine all the time, so having more than one is a must. 

You can also use these for multiples reasons, especially if you get them in a variety of colors. Never underestimate a basic little black dress or white shirt. 

Traditional basics are still around for a reason. They’re stylish all year round and through any trend.

Charity Shops Are Your Friend

When looking to find some stylish outfits, you may not immediately think of your local charity shop. However, a lot of en vogue clothes wind up in the rows upon rows of clothes, just waiting for you to find them.

Additionally, there’s the fact that shopping at these stores will be putting money back into the community and helping those less fortunate. So not only will you be grabbing some stylish clothes, but you’ll be assisting others by doing it. That’s a win, win.

Hit Up the Sales Rack

You never know what may be lingering on the clearance rack. It might take some leg work and venturing to numerous stores, but with an eagle eye, you may just find that diamond in the rough. 

Try going to stores like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross, and other consignment stores that get the overflow from department stores. These places are always fairly priced and have some seriously stylish pieces available. 

Speaking of department stores, make sure to take advantage of sales, especially during the holiday season or when seasons are changing. They’ll be wanting to move as much stock as possible, and you can save some serious money by shopping during this time.

Create Your Own Pieces

Thrifting, sewing, or altering a current garment is a great way to not only spice up your wardrobe but to make it truly your own. While this may require a little effort on your end, the result will be one-of-a-kind stylish garments that’ll be the envy of friends and strangers alike.

You could go DIY and create an entirely different neckline on an existing piece such as a sweatshirt or try your hand at decorating by bedazzling or sewing accouterments onto a denim jacket or skirt. 

The sky is the limit really, but make sure to study the designers you really want to emulate and see what they’re doing. While you may not have a fully staffed studio to make your dream shirt a reality, you can still take inspiration and make something that is unique just to you and find comparable supplies at craft stores, charity stores, or even yard sales.

Author Bio: Sam Casteris is an avid traveler and aspiring travel writer. She writes creative pieces about travel, informational articles for other travelers, and guides to make travel as stress-free as possible. Her home base is in Phoenix, AZ.

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