How To Remove Halloween Makeup

Creating Halloween makeup looks is the BEST, but all of that glitter, fake blood and makeup can wreak havoc on your skin! Save yourself from the horror of not taking it off before bed and learn how to properly remove Halloween makeup right here!

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How To Remove Halloween Makeup

Step One: Remove Enhancements

Begin by gently removing anything that is not part of your face. This could be prosthetics, eyelashes, or crystals. After removal, you should be left with nothing but makeup on your face.

Step Two: Use A Facial Cleansing Oil

Now it’s time to start a two-part cleansing process. First, remove your makeup with a cleansing oil. Follow the directions on your oil. When using my favorite facial cleansing oil, The Slip from Earth Love Cosmetics, I first apply it to my dry face. I gently massage it in then rinse it, and my makeup, off with warm water and a wet washcloth.

Step Three: Use A Facial Cleanser

To remove any remaining traces of makeup, dirt, or grime, simply wash your face with your favorite facial cleanser. To prevent occasional breakouts, I like to use the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser from The Body Shop.

Step Four: Tone

Facial cleansing may be done, but I don’t recommend that you stop here. I recommend continuing by restoring your skin’s balance. Since it is fall, I like to use a hydrating toner on my skin after washing my face.

Step Five: Apply a Serum and/or Moisturizer

To complete the process treat your skin with a serum and/or moisturizer. In the evenings, the serum that I use is so hydrating that I don’t need to follow it up with a moisturizer. I use the Heliotrope Frankincense & Rose Geranium Oil Serum. It’s your call, finish up with a serum, apply a serum and then a moisturizer, or apply a moisturizer and call it a night.

If you have any questions on this or would like further guidance, let me know in the comments!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

AND, no matter how tired you are, follow these steps before going to bed!

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