Everything You Need To Know About The Three Types Of Electrolysis

Electrolysis is undoubtedly having a moment. However, the hair removal method has been around since the 1800s, when the ophthalmologist Charles E. Michel discovered it. Since then, the technique has been refined. Today there are three types of electrolysis methods for hair removal: galvanic current, short-wave current, and a blend of the two. 

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If you have ever asked yourself, “how does electrolysis hair removal work,” then keep reading for everything you need to know about these three types of electrolysis. 

1. Electrolysis – Galvanic Current

The original type of electrolysis, this method uses galvanic current which releases electric current into an individual hair follicle to hinder hair growth

When this current is inserted, it produces a chemical reaction that generates a destructive solution called lye. It is this substance that damages the cells and tissues responsible for hair growth. Generally, the moister the skin, the more effective the results. Moreover, the more intense the current, the more effective the procedure.

In some cases (if you suffer from epilepsy, are pregnant, have cancer, type 1 diabetes, AIDS, or are taking Accutane), this type of electrolysis is not advised.  Also, you will be told not to wear metallic jewelry during your treatment. Similarly, areas that have metal implants should be avoided, and patients with a pacemaker should avoid this treatment. 

2. Thermolysis – Short-Wave Current

The second version of electrolysis, thermolysis (short-wave current), was discovered and developed in the late 1930s. In this type of electrolysis, a vibrating current of high-frequency is passed down into the hair follicle. During this process, the vibration generates heat at the tip of the needle, which, in turn, impairs the hair follicle by dehydrating it. Again, the tissue encompassing the follicle must be moist enough; otherwise, the conductive element won’t be able to occur. 

This short-wave current method is thought to be the quickest method. However, it has different modes and varying necessary durations depending on the hair type. In other words, the stronger the hair, the more energy is required to zap it. 

3. Blend electrolysis – Combination of Electrolysis and Thermolysis

Blend electrolysis is precisely what it sounds like – galvanic current and thermolysis are combined to create blend electrolysis. Taking two effective methods, and combining them has only enhanced the effectiveness of the procedure

This type of electrolysis uses a high-frequency current to heat the tissue, which then increases the destructive effect of the lye solution produced. With this process, the pore opens more and enables the lye to infiltrate all accessible spaces in the follicle. This, in turn, increases the range of activity. However, the blend method is unique as the action continues even after the probe is withdrawn.  

For those who suffer from coarse, stubborn hair, this blend electrolysis method can work effectively. Plus, its intensity can be adjusted to suit your tolerance level, and to ensure an effective yet comfortable experience. 

No matter which style of electrolysis you opt for, you are going to want to ensure that your skin has enough moisture. The moisture around the follicle is what helps the currents damage the hair follicle. So, it is essential that moisture be present. 

Furthermore, the moisture will help in protecting your skin from burns or high heat. The more you moisturize your face and body and drink water, the more comfortable and effective your electrolysis experience is going to be. 

If you are looking for permanent hair removal in Abu Dhabi (or wherever you reside), then opting for electrolysis is your best option. Not only is it the only FDA-approved form of permanent hair removal, but it also can work effectively on any type of hair or color of skin. 

What do you think about the different kinds of electrolysis? Is it a treatment that you would be interested in trying? Why or why not? 

Let us know your thoughts and any relevant experiences in the comments below! 


Mariela Marcantetti is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Furless with centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The company offers the latest and only FDA-confirmed treatment to provide permanent removal results to unwanted hair. Mariela is deeply committed to responsible corporate practices and has an active role in her staff’s professional and personal advancement within the electrolysis field and beyond.

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