5 Ways to Improve Your Makeup Application

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Whether you use makeup to make a statement or just to enhance your natural beauty a little when you’re going to the hassle of applying cosmetics you want to get the best finish possible. You’ll also want it to last all day without it looking patchy or faded, so with that being said, here are 5 ways you can improve your makeup application. 

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Prepare Your Skin

Achieving a fantastic makeup application really relies on the base you’re building upon, which is your skin. Your skin should be clean and well-hydrated, give your moisturizer at least the minutes to sink in before you start applying anything else. If you have ongoing skin issues like acne or dermatitis, speak to your GP and look to getting them resolved. While makeup will hide redness and other skin complaints to an extent, you’ll be much happier and get a better result with clearer skin. 

Use a Primer

Before putting cosmetics onto your skin, apply a primer. A face primer will help to ‘fill in’ the pores on your face leaving an ultra-smooth base for foundation to sit upon. Primer also helps your makeup to last longer throughout the day. If you find that your eyeshadow fades during the day, using a primer first helps to keep it in place. 

Use Good Quality Makeup

Good quality makeup doesn’t have to mean going out and spending a fortune on high-end brands. There are actually plenty of great choices from the drugstore, but do your research before buying. Check reviews and find out what the pigmentation and staying power is like. Make sure you’re using makeup that’s in date (throw away anything you’ve had sitting around for a long time). Don’t choose the very cheapest makeup on the shelves, but don’t assume you need to spend a fortune- just choose your products well. 

Buy The Right Tools

The right tools will allow you to apply your products in the best possible way. Instead of applying your foundation with your fingers, a brush can give a far nicer finish and really help you to buff everything in. A blush and bronzer brush which is the right size for your face will help you to sculpt, contour and highlight. Don’t try applying eyeshadow with a rubbish sponge-tipped applicator, buy a blending brush instead and practice using the right techniques to blend out harsh lines and achieve a professional-looking finish. 

Finish With a Setting Spray

Finally, to make your makeup last all day, use a setting spray. This is a fine mist that will hold your products in place without damaging or irritating your skin. Never use a product like a hairspray to attempt to do this! It’s a tip that’s commonly given but definitely one to avoid. 


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