Sleeping Beauty Makeup Tutorial

After purchasing the 1959 Sleeping Beauty Eyeshadow Palette and a couple of lipsticks, I created this Sleeping Beauty Makeup Tutorial!

Princess Aurora is one of my very favorite Disney princesses. She’s not exactly a strong female role model, but her aesthetic and beauty are timeless. When Besame Cosmetics released their Sleeping Beauty Collection, I couldn’t help but marvel at the colors in the collection that are matched to original Disney ink and paint department colors used in the animated film. These color matches are amazing!

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Sleeping Beauty Makeup Tutorial: PREP

Create the perfect Disney princess canvas by applying a primer.


Apply and blend in a long-lasting, full coverage foundation that has a natural finish.

Use concealer as necessary to cover blemishes, remaining redness, and to brighten dark undereye circles. You may want to use more than one concealer for this, one for under your eyes and one for anywhere else that needs a little covering.


Fill in your brows. For this look, I was lucky enough to use Princess Aurora’s eyebrow color. Her eyebrow color is nowhere near an exact match to my own eyebrows, but given the option to use her eyebrow color, I had to!

Blend a rose eyeshadow over your eyelids. Like the brow color I used, I was able to use an eyeshadow color that replicates the same eyeshadow color on Princess Aurora’s eyes.

Line your upper lash line with black liquid eyeliner, creating a little bit of an exaggerated cat-eye, just like Sleeping Beauty’s eyeliner.

Apply false lashes. I used a pair of my favorite magnetic eyelashes for this look.

Line the inner corner of your lower lash line with white eyeliner.

Line the outer corner of your lower lash line with black eyeliner. Use a pencil eyeliner this time, not a liquid.


Apply a creamy, soft rose lipstick. For this look, I wore the best possible color: Sleeping Beauty Pink – a recreation of Aurora’s lip color.

My Sleeping Beauty Makeup Look

BTW, the crown I’m wearing came with the 1959 Sleeping Beauty Eyeshadow Palette!

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