Yoga Phamily: A New, Family-Friendly Yoga Studio In The Mission

As the name suggests, the new family-friendly yoga studio in the Mission, Yoga Phamily is all about family! This is a place for everyone to practice yoga.

How perfect is it that the owners last name is Pham? Ngan Pham, the owner, is enthusiastic and absolutely wonderful. Ngan invited me to the studio to take a class and after a few scheduling conflicts, completely on my part, I finally had the opportunity to visit Yoga Phamily on my own, then with my daughter.

The Yoga Phamily Studio

Yoga Phamily is in the heart of the Mission and can be easily accessed by the 48 bus line, which happens to be our bus line, which is awesome! The 24th Street Mission BART stop is also very close by, just a few blocks away.

The studio space has a beautiful light gray wood floor and little ledges that run the length of the white walls, which won’t be white for long. The ledges are lined with tealights and some handcrafted lanterns, one of which Ngan generously gifted to me and my daughter. The artist of our rainbow lantern is Shannon Bronson, an instructor at Yoga Phamily.

I mention that the walls won’t be white for long because Ngan is photographing families as they come and take classes. She is planning on creating a beautiful display of these photos on the wall. I predict it will be very welcoming and warm when it’s done.

The mural on the back wall, by Ivan Lopez, provides the perfect place for these family photos to be taken. The studio space overall is inviting and intimate.

My Yoga Phamily Experiences

Vinyasa Yoga

The first class I experienced at Yoga Phamily was completely catered to the yoga practitioners in the class. Ngan saw that we were up for a challenge and that’s what she gave us! I love that she is able to gauge where her students are at and craft the practice specifically for them and what they need.

Phamily Yoga

The second class I participated in was their specialty, Phamily Yoga. For this, I brought my 4-year-old daughter. She was so excited to pick her own mat to use at the studio. It was turquoise with a seahorse on it.

We rolled out our mats and began the practice with mindful coloring, a relaxing activity enjoyed by all ages. Before we began the movement portion of the class, we sat in silent meditation for one minute. This may sound simple enough, but for children, I assure you, it is not!

I was very skeptical that my daughter would make it through the full minute, but to my surprise, she did! It was amazing! For the remainder of the class, Ngan switched up activities every so often to keep the little ones engaged.

Ngan read us a story that included yoga poses that we did as she read to us about them. We practiced animal poses and made the noises that the animals make while practicing those poses. I’m pretty sure my daughter’s favorite activity was the very fun game of passing a yoga block around with our feet. We sang songs and even ended the class with savasana.

For savasana, Ngan placed a little toy frog on each of our bellies. Our goal was to breathe through our tummies to see the frog “hop” up and down, but we didn’t want to let it fall! I thought this was so clever.

I peeked at my little one to see how she was doing and could tell that she was focusing on her little frog. Her savasana was admittedly a little funky looking, with her legs bent and her torso a little curved, but she was laying down and focusing so hard on breathing through her belly. It was so adorably wonderful!

Yoga Phamily FAQs

There are plenty of classes created specifically for families and children at this new yoga studio in the Mission. For adult-only practices, there is a light-filled childcare room in the back of the studio complete with a fridge for snacks, books, and plenty of toys. Ngan is working on the open, outdoor space in the back as well so children will have the opportunity to play outside too.

To find out more about Yoga Phamily and to get the class schedule, descriptions, instructor bios (there are 13 wonderful instructors!), and pricing, check out their website. Yoga Phamily is also active on Instagram, be sure to check out their profile!

Practicing “Palm Tree” pose. A pose my little one made up!

My daughter and I can’t wait to take our next class! Have you ever done yoga with your kids?


  1. September 25, 2019 / 6:58 pm

    Oh how adorable and how fun!

    I don’t have kids but If I did I’d love to do something like this with them!
    Kristen recently posted…Strength and Sculpt Part 4My Profile

    • Morgan Celeste
      September 26, 2019 / 9:55 pm

      It’s a great activity for all ages and so fun to do as a group!

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