Rothy’s Review

They’re made from plastic bottles and they’re beautiful – here’s my Rothy’s review.

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My Rothy’s Review – Ordering My Rothy’s

Getting $20 Off My First Order

My first experience with Rothy’s started with saving $20. Not a bad start, right? Rothy’s offers a Refer-A-Friend option. You can give friends $20 off and in return, you can get $20 off of your next order when they order online or make a purchase instore. My MIL used the Refer-A-Friend option giving me $20 off my first order. (Thank you!)

I’d like to refer you, my friend! To get $20 off your first Rothy’s purchase, use this link to shop:

Choosing My Style And Color

Receiving my coupon code was the easy part, choosing what pair I wanted to order first was the hard part. First, I narrowed it down to what style I wanted. The options are The Flat, The Point, The Loafer, and The Sneaker. I went with The Point. Next, I needed to pick a color. I wanted a neutral that I could wear on a daily basis.

As of writing this post, The Point is available in 20 colors/patterns online. I decided to get Maritime Navy. Other colors I love The Point style in are Black Solid, Calypso, Chili Red, Salt Honeycomb, and Cloud Grey Birdseye. Some of the other styles offer their own unique colors. For example, The Sneaker is available in the limited edition color: Rainbow. I love it! I haven’t gotten the Rainbow sneakers yet, but I really want to.

Receiving My Rothy’s

My Rothy’s quickly arrived in a shoebox-like shipping box. In person, Rothy’s are even more stylish than I expected and they feel unbelievably light. I immediately tried them on. They’re snug but stretchy, and so comfortable. Since receiving my Rothy’s, I’ve been slipping them on and heading out the door regularly, feeling stylish with every step.

Needless to say, my two favorite things about my Rothy’s are how light they are and how stylish they are. They’re perfect for city dwellers and can even keep you comfortable scaling the San Francisco hills. I’ve been wearing mine to run errands and to shop for new summer essentials.

Rothy’s Are Washable!?

After a few weeks, they still look great, but when they do get messy I can throw them in the wash and conveniently clean them up. To wash them, all I need to do is remove the insoles. BTW, you can buy additional insoles or replace the insoles that they come with whenever you’d like for just $10. Back to the washing, Rothy’s can be machine-washed with cold water and gentle detergent. Wash them on the delicate cycle and let them air dry. When I try this, I will let you know how it goes!

Where To Get Rothy’s

Rothy's Review and Insoles

Rothy’s can be ordered online here or you can get them in store in San Francisco. Rothy’s is located on Fillmore and features exclusive colors and patterns you can’t get online. Without the $20 Refer-A-Friend coupon code, Rothy’s cost from $125 to $165 a pair depending on the style you select.

The TL;DR version of my Rothy’s Review: I adore my pair of Rothy’s and cannot wait to get more!

Have you noticed women wearing Rothy’s? I’ve been seeing them everywhere! Do you have a pair?

FYI, Meghan Markle has Rothy’s. Just saying.

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