Curology vs EllaMD

Customized facial creams are the future of skincare products. I had the opportunity to try customized facial creams from two different skincare brands and while they both provided a personalized experience, I like one a bit better than the other. When it comes to Curology vs EllaMD, who’s the winner?


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First, I tried Curology. Read about my experience here. Starting a Curology trial is simple. I filled out their skin quiz online and uploaded a few bare-faced selfies. After that, a dermatology provider reviewed my results, prescribed my formula and sent it my way.

Along with a treatment plan, Curology sends customers their customized skincare formula AND a cleanser and moisturizer. Once starting Curology, that’s all you need to use. Leave your 6-step skincare routine behind and save yourself some time.

I couldn’t believe it was that simple, but after messaging Curology, I was assured that it really is that straightforward. I wash and moisturize in the morning and wash, moisturize, and apply my customized facial cream in the evening. My free one month trial is complete, and my skin looks great. I am hooked on the brand. Now, my husband and I both use it. But, is it the best?


EllaMD provides a similar experience. Receiving a customized facial cream from EllaMD starts with a skincare questionnaire. I shared my concerns, my current morning and evening skincare routines, and finally uploaded the same photos I sent to Curology.

EllaMD provided more detailed feedback, illustrating on my photos areas of concern on my face that could be improved upon. A Dermatologist also provided me a diagnosis to accompany the marked-up photos. I really like the detailed explanation of the ingredients that are in my formula and why they are in my formula.

After receiving my personalized facial cream, I did run into some issues. The cream dried out the skin along my hairline and on my nose so much that I started to experience peeling, almost as if I had a sunburn. I contacted my EllaMD Dermatologist and was advised to use the cream every other day until my skin adjusted to it. Unfortunately, it never did. To read more about my EllaMD journey, check out this post.

Curology vs. EllaMD

After trying both Curology and EllaMD for one month each, when it comes to Curology vs EllaMD, I’d have to say that Curology is the winner! It’s so simple and it works. Not to mention, after the free trial expires, it’s only $19.95 a month.

My experience with EllaMD started off strong, but ultimately my personalized formula didn’t work for me. I’m sure everyone will have a different experience, so if you’d like to get a diagnosis and customized formula to try out for yourself, go ahead and click here.

Have you ever tried customized skincare products? How was your experience?

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