The Most Family-Friendly Spring Break Trips Through Cali

California features some of the country’s greatest treasures, from Death Valley National Park and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Santa Monica Pier. These wondrous sights make the state a great place for spring break trips with the kids. Here are some ideas for your next trip through California:

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Adventurous outdoors activities

The season’s warm weather makes outdoor activities like camping and hiking natural choices for your family. Try blazing trails in these parks:

  • Yosemite National Park has hundreds of miles of hiking trails, iconic Sequoia trees, lakes for fishing and sites for camping.

  • Crystal Cove State Park’s tidepools and inland trails are a sight to behold. After flying kites on the beach and protecting your sandcastle from the tide, there’s a nearby campsite you can sleep at.

  • Lassen Volcanic National Park is the place for learning about volcanic gas vents, mud pots, and hydrothermal systems. From boiling pools to spurting geysers, there’s never a dull moment while you’re here.

City-centered entertainment

If the great outdoors become too strenuous or your kids a bit sun-shy, California also has plenty of family-friendly options within its great cities. Drive along the coast and stop by these cities:

  • Anaheim’s Disneyland is the perfect place for young kids to see their favorite Disney characters, ride thrilling rides, and taste an endless amount of sweets.

  • Legoland California makes the Lego worlds your kids build into a reality, complete with themed areas, a water park, aquarium and racing track.

  • Universal Studios Hollywood lets you take a peek at how movies are made while hopping on themed rides.

Traveling in style and comfort

How you get somewhere is just as important as the endpoint. California is a big state and driving through it can take some time and effort. Make sure that your ride is comfortable and road-ready, that way you won’t find yourself stranded on the highway with a flat tire or a broken starter.

Make sure your vehicle is up to the challenge by first making sure it’s the right fit for your travel:

  • Is it big enough for your whole family? If not, there are plenty of rental car deals out there for short-term road trips.
  • Have the brakes, tires, engine and fluid levels been checked within the last few months? If not, check before you hit the road.

The next thing you’ll want to do is make sure you’ve packed enough food, water, and comforts for your passengers. Driving from one end of the state to another, like from Santa Rosa to the Mojave National Preserve, can take eight hours in the best of traffic. You’ll want to pack enough things to make the journey as complaint-free as possible.

Making family-friendly family fun

Millions of Americans will be on the road traveling with their families for vacation this year; how will you make your vacation different from everyone else’s?

Before packing luggage into your trunk, loop your family into your plans with them so they can provide feedback. Ask them what sights they want to see, what they want to do, and what interests them. The point of a family-friendly trip is for your whole family to have fun, and that can only happen if you all do something each person enjoys.

Start planning together and share this post with them so they can add to these trip ideas!

Author Bio: Sam Casteris is an avid traveler and aspiring travel writer. She writes creative pieces about travel, informational articles for other travelers, and guides to make travel as stress-free as possible. Her home base is in Phoenix, AZ.

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