CHI LAVA Hair Dryer Release

When I read the name of this brand new innovation from CHI in a press release that I received, it immediately caught my attention. How could I not share a product with you that piqued my interest? Let’s break it down and discuss what makes this CHI LAVA Hair Dryer special, how the CHI LAVA Volcanic Lava Ceramic Hair Dryer works, and where you can get your hands on a lava hair dryer. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a “lava” hair dryer?

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What Makes the CHI LAVA Dryer Special?

First of all, this ceramic lava hair dryer is meant to produce healthier heat. It does this with the volcanic and ceramic minerals embedded into the ceramic lava heater. With the CHI Lava Dryer, drying time is reduced. The lava ceramic ions reduce frizz and lock-in a beautiful shine.

The volcanic lava and ceramic also allow you to dry your hair at a lower temperature. I’m sure you already know what that means, using a lower heat while styling your hair will cause less damage.

Secondly, the CHI LAVA Dryer comes with a comb nozzle allowing you to straighten your hair without a brush. CHI is calling this a brushless blowout.

The Settings and Nozzles


The CHI Lava Dryer comes with 3 standard settings: Cool, Low, and High. As you may know, with all hair dryers Cool can be used to set hair styles. Low is good for gentle drying and it’s also my little one’s favorite setting. High is good for heat and quick hair drying.

Like the 3 settings of the Ceramic Lava Hair Dryer, it comes with 3 locking nozzles. For a targeted airflow to provide a smooth blow-out, reach for the smaller concentrated nozzle. To evenly disperse air to the roots of your hair to create volume and form curls, grab the diffuser. Unique to the CHI LAVA Dryer, the third nozzle is a comb nozzle. This comb nozzle allows you to style and straighten your hair without using a brush.

Additional Features of the CHI Lava Dryer

  • Volcanic Lava Ceramic heater provides less damage to the hair offering smooth, shiny results
  • Ceramic and Volcanic minerals are embedded into the honeycomb ceramic lava heater
  • Volcanic ceramic minerals conduct negative ions automatically
  • Lava ceramic ions smooth, reduce frizz and lock-in shine providing moist heat for healthier hair
  • Slide switch prevents from turning the dryer off accidentally
  • Energy saver up to 50%
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long-life DC motor

Where to Buy the Lava Ceramic Hair Dryer


The CHI LAVA Volcanic Lava Ceramic Hair Dryer is available for Pre-Order on It releases on on April 21st and then it becomes available at Ulta on April 22nd. The cost at both stores is $179.99.

This hair dryer sounds amazing and I’d love to get my hands on it to test it out. What are your thoughts on the CHI Lava Hair Dryer? Do you think it’s worth the price?

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