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A significantly large piece of feeling (and looking) good is exercise! Ugh, exercise, I know. Let me tell you, I have tried SEVERAL at-home workout videos and I’ve found a series of videos that I truly look forward to doing. Since having my little one, my body has been… different. I know you’re going to hate me for saying this, but for the first time in my life, I need to get back in shape. I used to be a professional dancer, being in shape was kind of my thing! Anyway, three and half years later, I think I’ve finally found at-home workout videos that I can stick with. I’m not sponsored by this video series, I just really love Daily Burn and thought you might too.


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Best At-Home Workout Videos Daily Burn

My At-Home Workout Video Journey

Throughout my at-home workout video journey, I’ve found videos that were fun, yet challenging, but there was never anything that was enjoyable enough for me to stick with. I need to like my workouts or they simply aren’t happening. I noticed that some at-home videos were appealing but far too challenging for beginners. As a result, I felt like I needed to get in shape before I could even attempt them. Another major issue was that I’d find a video that I’d like, but then get bored after doing it a few times. I like to switch my workouts up.


Finding Daily Burn

Finally, I saw an ad for an app that provided new workouts every single day. You can’t get bored with that, right? I signed up for the 30-day free trial. My trial period is over and I’m hooked. The amazing series of at-home workout videos that I’m talking about is Daily Burn. This is an app that can be streamed through your laptop, phone, tablet, or Smart TV. I use it with my Amazon Fire TV Stick. Not only can you stream it through the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but you can also stream it through your Smart TV with ROKU or Apple TV.


New At-Home Workout Videos Daily

Besides brand new workouts every day of the year, Daily Burn offers programs. The programs are a great place to get started as the number of videos (over 1000) to choose from on your first day can be overwhelming. When signing up you’ll complete a questionnaire and Daily Burn will recommend the perfect workout or the perfect program to get you started based on where you’re at and your fitness goals. The first at-home workout program that I was recommend was Move! Move! is a dance party in your living room and an excellent way to do some cardio.

Daily Burn Workout Videos

Daily Burn Programs

Other Daily Burn programs include Pilates, Total Cardio, Yoga Made Simple, True Beginner, and Beautiful Belly (for the soon-to-be mommas). There are 20 programs in total and I love having fresh new workouts planned out for me daily. In the Daily Burn Move! program I’ve done African dance, Caribbean, Latin, 90s Hip Hop, and Bollywood. So far, while I really like all of them, African is my favorite. I love that each move has meaning behind it. Be aware, the Move! program is fast! Like I’m a former professional dancer and have moments where I can’t keep up fast. Stick with it. Do what you can and keep going!

At-Home Workout Videos

Where to Start

If you haven’t been working out on a regular basis lately, start with the True Beginner program and grow from there. Once I complete the Daily Burn Move! program I plan on moving onto the Cardio Sculpt program. But, you don’t need to follow a program to get started. If the programs aren’t appealing to you, ignore them, simply open up Daily Burn and take on the workout of the day.

Daily Burn Audio Workout Videos

Daily Burn At-Home Workout Videos Pricing

After your 30-day trial is complete, Daily Burn will charge you $19.95 every month for continued access to their full library of at-home workouts, including brand new videos posted at 9:00am 365 days a year. A Daily Burn Membership also includes audio workouts that you can take with you to the gym or on your next run.

How do you like to workout? At home, at the gym, in a fitness class?

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