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I’m sure you have a skincare regimen that you follow on a daily basis, complicated or simplistic it exists. I’m sure you use face creams, masks, and cleansers. But what about maintaining healthy skin from the inside out?

Juice Beauty Prebiotix Collection

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I still highly recommend your favorite skincare products, the ones that you’ve researched, and that you’ve found work best for you. I’m proposing that you think outside of the box the next time you want to add or replace a skincare product in your daily routine.

This first thing you may want to consider is adding a supplement or some vitamins to your morning routine. The more nourished your skin is, the better it will look. The more nourished you are, the better YOU will look and feel! If you’re already taking a multi-vitamin, fantastic! If you’re not, go ahead and get started on that. Either way, add a yummy supplement to your water intake daily.

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We all know that we’re supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Easier said than done. If plain water doesn’t sound all that appealing to you unless you’re very thirsty or exercising try adding a flavored supplement to your water to enhance the taste and your skin. Juice Beauty, an organic beauty brand, just released their PREBIOTIX line and it includes the tasty PREBIOTIX Antioxidant Beauty Boost.

The PREBIOTIX Antioxidant Beauty Boost provides you with a way to feed your skin. This blend of prebiotics and probiotics provides you with an ingestible beauty supplement. Simply mix it in your water and drink up! It is an excellent source of Vitamin C, Selenium, and Vitamins B6 & B12. Also worth noting, there is no sugar added and it is gluten-free.

Juice Beauty Prebiotix Acerola and Moringa

Specifically speaking to the ingredients that will give your skin a boost, you’ll find Anthocyanin-rich acerola cherry, moringa, and an organic botanical blend. The acerola cherry is known to boost skin luminosity, it also helps the skin appear youthful and toned. Moringa hydrates skin, giving you a healthy looking complexion. The organic botanical blend of blueberry, grapeseed, flaxseed, and superfruits, goji and acai will help fortify your skin against free radicals and it will boost your skin’s overall health.

To enjoy this delicious antioxidant beauty boost, mix one packet in 8 oz of water, coconut milk, almond milk, or a smoothie. Shake/stir and enjoy! I’ve been stirring mine into chilled water. The PREBIOTIX Antioxidant Beauty Boost comes with 14 packets and it works wonderfully when combined with the PREBIOTIX Hydrating Gel Moisturizer.

Juice Beauty Prebiotix Hydrating Gel Moisturizer Texture

The organic and cruelty-free PREBIOTIX Hydrating Gel Moisturizer is formulated with antioxidant-rich ingredients and a bio-fermented complex containing prebiotic ingredients to boost the appearance of your skin’s health and vitality. I have been loving this moisturizer. It soothes my skin when I apply it and it is very light-weight. It also absorbs quickly, allowing me to continue on with my beauty routine after applying it.

I use and recommend that you use this moisturizer after cleansing, toning, and applying your favorite serum. I’ve found that the formula of this moisturizer works wonderfully on my combination skin, but the formula does provide many benefits to all skin types.

Juice Beauty Prebiotix Blog

The blend of viola flower, chia, and coconut extract locks in moisture. This blend acts as a protective layer ensuring that your skin stays hydrated throughout the day and that it looks more radiant and balanced. Fermented kumaru is known for its ability to reflect back visible light and absorb ultra-violet light. I find that incredible and had no idea that a skincare product could be capable of something so beneficial!

This moisturizer feels very soothing when applied to the skin. It has a calming effect on the skin, this can be attributed to the inclusion of linseed in the formula. It has a subtle calming scent as well, due to the lavender, clary, and juniper essential oils that it is formulated with. I really do love the scent and how this moisturizer feels when I’m applying it.

Juice Beauty Organic Beauty Products

Like the PREBIOTIX Antioxidant Beauty Boost, the PREBIOTIX Hydrating Gel Moisturizer fights free radicals. The hydrating gel moisturizer does this with an antioxidant juice base of organic grape and apple and organic aloe, which is rich in Vitamin E. You’ll often find that water is the first ingredient listed in the ingredient list of moisturizers. That is not the case with this hydrating gel moisturizer, the first 3 ingredients listed are organic juices.

To round out the impeccable list of ingredients organic antioxidant-rich jojoba and prickly pear hydrate and moisturize the skin. Antioxidant-rich fermented American bamboo smooths the skin. You can find the full list of ingredients for this and the Antioxidant Beauty Boost on

Juice Beauty Organic Beauty Foundation and Prebiotix

I love these two products and am thrilled that Juice Beauty sent them to me to try for free in exchange for this 100% honest and unbiased blog post. Have you ever tried Juice Beauty products? Which ones are your favorites? The PREBIOTIX Hydrating Gel Moisturizer is certainly a new favorite of mine, I’ve also been a long-time fan of the Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation.

Do you use organic beauty products? Do you use supplements to boost your beauty? Please share in the comments below!

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