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Last week we talked about Sheet Masks, this week let’s chat about peel-off masks, another quick and easy way to put your best face forward. The peel-off mask benefits are numerous, let’s discuss my favorite peel-off mask benefits, how to use peel-off masks, and some of my favorite peel-off masks.

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This weekend you may have lessons or rehearsals to drop your kids off at or to attend yourself. Maybe you’re cooking a big family dinner Sunday evening. Kid’s birthday parties? You’ve got 3 to attend this weekend. Let’s not forget, yoga, errands, and keeping the house in order. Where there should be time to relax, there doesn’t seem to be any. That’s why, like sheet masks, peel-off masks are perfect.

Peel-off masks will take a little time and care when applying. You’ll want to spread an even layer over your entire face, thick enough to be able to peel off easily, but thin enough that it doesn’t take forever to dry. You can use your fingers to apply your favorite peel-off mask or a silicone brush. I prefer using a silicone brush so I don’t make a huge mess.


Once your peel-off mask is evenly applied, let it dry for 20-30 minutes or however long it instructs you to leave it on. When it’s ready to be peeled, you’ll be able to touch the dried mask without getting any product on your fingertips. It shouldn’t even be sticky, it should be completely dry for you to be able to peel it off with ease.

Start the peeling process somewhere along the outside edge of the peel-off mask. I usually try to get it going along one side of my jawline or hairline. Begin peeling the mask off working your way inwards, until the mask has been completely removed. A few specs may remain around your nose, your jawline, or your hairline. Gently scrub these off with a damp washcloth. Once the mask is removed, there is no need to rinse your face, simply enjoy your beautiful skin.


Peel-off masks can be used to address any of your skincare concerns. They can brighten, tighten, cleanse, and more. I usually go for brightening and cleansing masks when using peel-off masks. I’ll actually use 2 at the same time. I’ll put a pore minimizing peel-off mask on my nose and a brightening mask everywhere else.

Now that you have your wellness assignment for this weekend, go find yourself the perfect peel-off mask and give yourself 20-30 minutes of me-time! You can find some of my favorite peel-off masks right here.

Peel-off masks have many benefits and are a great relaxing activity that you can do before bed. Wash your face, tone, then apply your peel-off mask. While waiting for it to dry, grab a book, watch TV, or mindlessly scroll through Insta on your phone. Do whatever you like to do when you have downtime.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

What do you think are the best peel-off masks? What peel-off mask benefits do you love the most?

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