Icy Winter Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

I’ve been inspired by the dreary days that it seems like most people have been experiencing these past few weeks. With the holidays being long gone, winter is no longer whimsical, it’s frigid. Wanting to bring some sparkle and joy to these gray days, I’ve put together today’s Icy Winter Makeup Tutorial for Beginners.

Ice Queen Makeup Look

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Step-by-Step Icy Winter Makeup Tutorial


Create the perfect, smooth canvas by applying a makeup primer. To diminish the look of my pores I went for a pore minimizing primer for this look.

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Apply and blend in a long-lasting, medium-full coverage foundation that has a matte finish.

Use concealer as necessary to cover blemishes and to brighten dark undereye circles. You may want to use more than one concealer for this, one for under your eyes and one for anywhere else that needs a little touch-up.



Fill in your brows, if necessary, with a brow gel that matches your natural brow color.

Apply medical tape to the lower, outer corners of your eyes to create an angle pointing up toward the tail end of your brows. First, stick the tape on your arm a few times to take away some of the stickiness.

For clearer instructions on how to do this, please take a look at my video below.

Dampen an angled brush and line your upper lash line with blue eyeshadow or simply use a blue liquid liner if you have one.

Generously brush on a volumizing mascara.


Grab a very light champagne colored highlighter and blend it in from your temples to the very top of your cheekbones.

Continue with the highlighter by sweeping it halfway down the bridge of your nose.

Add a touch of this highlighter to your cupid’s bow.

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Smudge a pearlized white eyeliner along your lower lash line and into the inner corners of your eyes.


Apply a shimmery pale pink tinted lip gloss.


Apply an iridescent blue/pink liquid lipstick.

Create this Icy Winter Makeup Look with me on my YouTube channel!

If you create this makeup look on yourself, please take a pic and share it with me by uploading it to social media and tagging me #bayareabeautyblogger and @bayareabeautyblogger (@bayareabeautyb on Twitter)!

Happy #makeupmonday! Have a great week!

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