What a Whirlwind! Christmas from Coast to Coast

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind! Since traveling to NY for a week for Thanksgiving, my family and I have traveled to Huntington Beach, Sacramento, and Las Vegas. Most of these trips were work trips my husband needed to take and instead of him going alone, we tagged along!

Giant Xmas Lights NYC

It all started with our trip to New York, we spent a few days in NYC and a few days in Upstate NY where I grew up. This was my daughter’s first time seeing NYC and I was thrilled to show it to her. Being the holiday season we were able to catch the Radiocity Rockettes Christmas Spectacular the first day we were there. It was just as amazing, better actually, than I remember it being when I last saw it as a child. Given the opportunity, I highly recommend seeing this show.

Rockefeller Center The Igloo at The Rink

For our second day in NYC, we took our little one ice skating, another first for her. Naturally, we took her ice skating for her first time ever at The Rink in Rockefeller Center. We got the VIP tickets, which I’d also highly recommend, especially with a young child in tow. The VIP tickets gave us access to The Igloo. This allowed us to skate, then take a break, eat a cookie, have some hot chocolate, then get back out there and skate some more. We took several breaks, which made the experience incredible. Without a chance to get on and off of the ice, this would have been a complete disaster.

In Upstate NY, we spent time with family. We had 2 delicious Thanksgiving dinners, saw a larger-than-life gingerbread village, and explored Old Forge. My little one also got to see snow for the first time, and she saw quite a bit of it. She looked so cute all bundled up and loved stomping around in the crunchy snow. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good packing snow so we weren’t able to build a snowman.

Daikers on 4th Lake

In Old Forge, we explored the shops and did a little bit of shopping. I love exploring the kitschy shops and locally made goods. We also had a yummy lunch. We went to Daiker’s, which is set on the picturesque 4th Lake. The lake had actually frozen in a way where the ice was rippled, I’d never seen anything like that before and it was stunning.

Huntington Beach Pier

Next we were off to Huntington Beach. NOTHING beats Southern California in the wintertime. The warmth of the sun and bright sunny days are such a welcome relief from dreary skies and cool temperatures. We were very lucky when it came to our hotel which was beautiful and right on the ocean.

Huntington Beach Weather December

Arriving in Huntington Beach, I thought to myself, isn’t Disneyland down here? I looked it up and sure enough, Disney was only 30 minutes away! The next morning we tried to decide: beach day or Disney day? Living in the Bay Area, even though it may not be warm and sunny, we do see the ocean on a regular basis. Disney, on the other hand, is not a place we often have to opportunity to go to.

We decided on Disney! I’m so glad we did, we went on rides, saw Lighting and Mater, and even snapped some pics with Mickey. Seeing the park decked out for the Holidays is always a welcome treat. Speaking of treats, we indulged in plenty of those too. We ate cake pops, peppermint chocolate marshmallows, and my personal favorite, caramel and chocolate covered apples.

Meeting Mickey in California Adventure

The following week, we were off to Sacramento. I’ve never spent much time in Downtown Sacramento so I was happy to explore. At this point our little one was dropped off at her grandparents, so my husband and I got a drink at Sacrament Brewing and ate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants: Mikuni. If you like sushi, I highly recommend anything on the Mikuni menu that includes Spicy Dream sauces, they’re delicious! Besides exploring, we were able to again stay at a fabulous hotel. It didn’t have an ocean view, but it did have a nostalgic, hipster vibe that I absolutely adored.

Sacrament Brewing in Sacramento CA

From Sacramento, the little one stayed with her grandparents and my husband and I jet-setted our way to Las Vegas. I was pretty excited to go to Vegas because this was the first time I’d been back since we moved. We lived in Vegas for 4 and 1/2 years before moving to the Bay Area. Vegas is actually where my blogging/social media career began. Visiting Vegas for a few days is the best. During a quick visit you get to enjoy the luxury of the strip, visit with friends, party the way you only would in Vegas, and even relax a little bit.

I want this bear

My favorite place to sit down and relax in Vegas is Parasol Down in the Wynn. BTW, we were staying in the Encore. The Wynn and Encore are my favorites! I’ve always called Parasol Down my “Oasis in Vegas” because it’s outside on a pond that boasts a giant waterfall. They have a great cocktail menu and cigars, plus large overhead heaters (during the chilly months) and comfy chairs and couches. Every 30 minutes, up until 11:30pm, they have special shows out over the water, sometimes involving the waterfall. These shows are quirky and entertaining, but I won’t ruin any surprises, I’ll let you discover them for yourself next time you’re in town.

Finally, we’ve returned home and I cannot wait to unwrap Christmas gifts with my little one!

Now, take a minute to pause and enjoy time spent with loved ones.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Have a joyful day!

Christmas Tree The Citizen Hotel Sacramento CA



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