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I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of Volition Beauty, I hadn’t either until they contacted me. Reading my blog and checking out my YouTube videos, you may have noticed that I like brands and products that have a story to tell. I like things that are different and unique. Volition Beauty is a prime example of the kind of brand I love to talk about.

Volition Holy Grail Kit

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As it says on their homepage, “YOU DREAM IT, WE MAKE IT.” Here’s how it works:

  1. ANYONE can submit a product idea. Even you, yes you reading this right now! Once your idea is submitted, you’re a Volition Beauty Innovator.
  2. After ideas are submitted, the Volition community votes on which ideas they love the most. Anyone who joins the free community can vote.
  3. Products that are chosen will be produced and available to purchase.

How Does Volition Beauty Work

No ideas at the moment? No problem! Browse the ideas submitted and cast your votes! Shop your favorite products once they’re made or shop the products that have already been produced. If you find yourself getting ready in the morning and think to yourself, I really wish there was a product that… or it’d be so much easier getting ready if I could find a product that… submit your idea! I’ve been brainstorming and trying to figure out what’s missing in my beauty routine that Volition could potentially bring to life.

Volition offers a Proof Tester Program. You can test out ANY of their products before committing to your purchase of that product. It’s pretty straightforward but does require some attentiveness on your part. With whatever product you order, you’ll receive a sample of the same product. Try out the sample first. If you like it, keep the product and the sample. If you don’t, keep the sample and return the product. Shipping and returns are free in the US.

Proof Tester Program Volition Beauty

I haven’t checked every single product on their site, but as far as I can tell kits are excluded from this program. If a product is excluded from the Proof Tester Program, it will say so under the ADD TO BAG button. Check before making your purchase to see if you’ll be receiving a sample to test.

Volition is all about Safe Science and creating community approved Clean Beauty products. Top chemists, the Volition community, and Industry Experts decide what is safe and effective when creating new products. There are 1,000s of ingredients that Volition has banned, here is a small sampling of what you will not find in their non-toxic products.

Volition Beauty Banned Ingredients

Here are a few more formulation facts worth noting:

  • Volition products are PETA certified cruelty free.
  • Volition does not use artificial fragrances, natural oils and ingredients that have natural smells are used instead.

If you want to know why certain ingredients have been included in products, just ask!

Volition Beauty|Free Shipping, Free Returns & Free Sampling

What I Tried from Volition Beauty

Volition Detoxifying Silt Gelee Mask


This is not your average clay mask. You know how mud or clay masks tighten your skin providing great relief when it’s time to remove them? Yeah, that’s the feeling of the mask drying out your skin. You’ll be fine after following up with some effective moisturizer, but on the other hand, masks are meant to nourish and improve your skin, not dry it out. This Black Silt mask rebalances skin. It draws out impurities while moisturizing. The mask does dry, but it doesn’t crack or feel tightening. Bonus: The Volition Detoxifying Silt Gelee is vegan.


This eye gel, which has the consistency of a face primer, will provide your eyes with 24/7 protection. Meant to be used in the morning and evening, it immediately rehydrates your undereye area and creates a smooth surface for makeup application. It also provides a cooling effect that aids in depuffing the undereye area. Over time, due to its moisturizing benefits, it will help improve firmness and fine lines. It’s called “Helix” because it uses the Helix Complex, which is rich in allantoin, collagen elastin, and glycolic acid. Go a little easy on the application in the am, a little goes a long way.


This glorious Turmeric Brightening Polish exfoliates skin, leaving your skin softened, toned, and hydrated. I’d go easy on it if you have sensitive skin, its abrasiveness may leave you a little red. It worked just fine for me, but it’s not a gentle exfoliant. It contains Turmeric because of Turmeric’s healing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant benefits. This vegan scrub is multi-purpose and can be used on your face and body. Use it once a week to renew your skin.

I thoroughly enjoyed trying all of these products. Thank you for the samples Volition! I’d love to try more of their Newest Breakthroughs, like the Snow Mushroom Water Serum or the Rose of Jericho Renewing Elixir next.  If you’d like to sample these or any Volition products, take advantage of the Proof Tester Program and schedule yourself a little me time.

PS. Volition is located in the Bay Area! #locallove

Volition Holy Grail Kit

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