Let’s Party! Adorable and Affordable Celebration Invitations

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When it comes to throwing the perfect party, the invitation is the first thing your guests lay their eyes on. Invitations not only give your guests pertinent information about where and when your party will be, but they also set the tone and mood for your party. When guests open their party invitations, they know exactly what kind of fun is coming their way. Basic Invite is a particularly good site to order custom invitations from for several reasons, let’s discuss.

Over 180 Color Options



When ordering custom invites, the color palette you have to work with can be limited. Rest assured, that is not the case with Basic Invite. Once selecting one of their designs, instead of 4 or 5 color theme options, you can get creative with over 180 different color options to play with. Each and every element in the design can be tailored exactly how you want it. This allows you to create a truly custom invitation that is unique to your celebration.


Foil cards are also available. Basic Invite lets you choose between gold, silver, or rose gold foil. You can also choose to have the foil flat or raised. Raised gold foil sounds like the only option when it comes to designing a Birthday invite for your pretty little princess! As you now know that is far from the only option when it comes to customizing the coloring of your invitation, but it would look great.

Custom Samples of Your Invitation


Forget online previews. Before placing your final order, Basic Invite allows customers to order a printed sample of their customized invitation. This allows you to see exactly how those over 180 color options will look and it gives you a feel for the paper your actual invitation will be printed on. If the coloring is slightly off or the paper thickness doesn’t feel quite right, tweak your design until it’s perfect.

Over 40 Different Envelope Colors


After crafting your incredible invitation, you need an envelope that is just as fancy as the invite inside. Forget boring white, unless that works perfectly with your color scheme! Basic Invite gives customers over 40 different envelope colors to choose from guaranteeing that your invitation will stand out from the crowd before it is even opened. Also, all Basic Invite envelopes are peel and seal allowing for quick stuffing and secure closure.

Address Capturing


Your impeccable invitations are sealed and ready to be delivered, now’s the hard part. Collecting addresses and then addressing your envelopes. Well, that’s actually not so difficult with Basic Invite. Basic Invite conveniently allows customers to share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request their friends and family’s addresses. Once friends and family have shared their addresses, they are stored in the customer’s account. The addresses can then be selected for use during the design process.

Take Note: As your holiday prep begins, keep in mind that Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no extra cost on all Holiday card orders. Pin this post so you don’t forget!

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Now let your imagination run wild and create the perfect Birthday party invite! Happy designing!


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