American Psycho Skincare Routine

Possible murder-spree aside, Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale’s character in American Psycho) has flawless skin. He maintains his gorgeous skin, and physique, by following a rigorous daily morning routine. Let’s focus on the skincare aspect of his American Psycho skincare regimen, which is suitable for anyone desiring a killer complexion.

The American Psycho Skincare Routine

1.) Reduce Puffiness

American Psycho Skincare Routine Ice Pack
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Patrick Bateman’s morning routine includes 1000 stomach crunches, good for him, but that’s not really what I’m interested in. If he wakes up looking puffy, he’ll wear an ice pack on his eyes while doing these crunches. If you’d like to incorporate 1000 stomach crunches into your morning skincare routine, go for it! If not, put your eye mask on, make some coffee, and check your e-mail. Ice packs are an excellent, natural way to deal with puffiness in the AM.

2.) Two-Step Cleansing

American Psycho Skincare Routine Mirror
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Patrick (may I call him Patrick?) knows what he’s doing when it comes to cleansing. He begins with a deep pore cleanser outside of the shower and then follows that up with a water-activated gel cleanser in the shower.

Since I wear makeup on a daily basis, I’d tweak this step a little bit. I’d start with an oil cleanser to remove any remaining traces of skincare products or makeup from the night before, outside of the shower. Then I’d follow that up with a water-activated gel cleanser in or out of the shower.

3.) Exfoliation

American Psycho Skincare Routine Shower
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While Patrick exfoliates his body with a honey almond body scrub and his face with an exfoliating gel scrub on a daily basis, I’d recommend only exfoliating 2-3 times a week, especially if you have sensitive skin. To stay true to Patrick Bateman and his impeccable morning routine, you could exfoliate on a daily basis, but only if you use a gentle exfoliant.

Whatever exfoliating product you choose to incorporate into your morning skincare routine, follow the instructions and use it as many days per week as suggested.

4.) Applying a Mask

American Psycho Skincare Routine Mask
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Next, Patrick applies a herb-mint facial mask for 10-minutes. If you have time to apply a mask in the morning, do it! Your skin will thank you by looking incredible all day. If you’re short on time, but would still like to experience the benefits of using a mask in the morning, try a quick 5-minute sheet mask.

To up the psycho-killer ante while masking, use a peel-off mask. Then, be creepy with me and add a video peeling it off to your Instagram story. Don’t forget to tag me (@bayareabeautyblogger) so I can see it!

5.) Aftershave

American Psycho Morning Routine Mask
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This step doesn’t apply to me, but if it is relevant to you, follow Patrick’s lead and use an aftershave with little or no alcohol. Like Patrick warns, alcohol dries out and tightens your skin – he’s right!

Having dry or tight skin can cause unwanted flaking or peeling, ultimately aging the look of your skin. If you’re following this routine and therefore dedicated to quality skincare, I’m sure that is precisely what you’re trying to avoid.

6.) Moisturize

American Psycho Morning Routine Moisturizer
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Moisturizing once is not enough for Patrick, he uses a moisturizer, then a final moisturizing protective lotion. I fully support this, just make sure your protective lotion includes SPF.

Along with moisturizing his face, Patrick also uses an anti-aging eye balm. This is always a good idea and I’d absolutely follow his lead on this. If not an anti-aging eye balm, I’d recommend using an eye cream that addresses your eye care concerns specifically. For me, that means an eye cream that is not only anti-aging, but that combats dark circles as well.

American Psycho Morning Routine
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Overall, the American Psycho skincare routine is the ideal morning skincare routine. It may require setting your alarm to go off at an ungodly hour so you have time to complete it, but I think it’d be worth it. If you already have a tried-and-true morning skincare routine, you’re probably following a lot of these steps already. Adding a few products/steps here and there to follow Patrick Bateman’s morning routine wouldn’t tack on that much extra time.

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