15 Gifts for the Little Princess on Your List

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner.  Are you one of the overachievers who has all of your Christmas shopping done by June?  Or are you like the majority of us who wait until the last minute and wrack our brains for gift ideas for the family?  

If you’re the latter, and have a little girl or teen on your list this year, we have you covered.  Here are some great gift ideas for your little princess this holiday season:

1. GoldieBlox

GoldieBlox specializes in engineering toys for girls, ages 4-12.  The toys introduce engineering concepts through storytelling and building, encouraging girls to stay interested in science and math.  Boys aren’t the only ones who like to build!  

2. An Electronics Kit

This is a great kit to encourage girls to stay interested in science and learn how things work.  They’ll figure out how to rig up servos, buzzers, switches, inverters, and a bunch of other electronic components that you may not understand yourself.  

3. A Drawing Tablet

This is a great gift for a tween or teen – it’s an electronic drawing tablet that connects to a computer and transfers their drawings to the screen. A perfect gift for the budding artist.

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4. Shoes

If the girl on your list is into fashion, treat her to a pair of Rothy’s loafer shoes for girls.  These eco-friendly shoes are adorable and comfortable.  She’ll love them, and you can even get yourself a matching pair if you’re so inclined.

5. A Gift Set

Bath products make great gifts for girls of any age.  Lotions, soaps, bath bombs, and shower gels – what’s not to love?

6. An Instant Camera

Kids love taking pictures, and an instant camera makes the perfect gift.  She can test out her photography skills, and get instant gratification with the actual print that comes out.  Don’t forget the film with this one!

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7. LOL Surprise Balls

LOL Surprise Balls are balls that have mini dolls in the center and wrapped in multiple layers of cellophane.  As they unwrap each layer of cellophane, surprises like stickers and other treasures are revealed.  These are especially great for the little girls who love to watch the unboxing videos on YouTube.  

8. Hatchimals

Another surprise toy girls love is Hatchimals. When the egg is ready to hatch, your little one can crack it open to reveal the little animal inside.  These are quite popular with the younger set.

9. Teddy Ruxpin

Remember him?  If you’re a child of the 80s, you probably do.  Well, he’s back!  And he may be exactly what the kiddo on your list wants.  

10. Fingerlings

Fingerlings are these cute little interactive monkeys that latch on to your finger.  They respond to sound and touch by blinking their eyes, moving their head, and talking in monkey talk.  

11. Emoji Pillows

Great for little girls up to tweens.  Because they love emojis.

12. Books

Books make excellent gifts.  Choose a classic you loved from your own childhood that she may not have, or a universal favorite like The Giving Tree.  And make it extra special by writing a little note to her inside.  Reading is a gift that keeps on giving.  

13. Interactive Dolls

Let her play “mommy” and give her an interactive doll like the Luvabella. It takes interactive to a whole new level.  This doll can look around, eat, be burped, be taught to speak, and even show emotions.  She lifts her arms up when she wants to be held, and giggles when tickled.  She even has a heartbeat.  And little girls will adore her.  

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14. Virtual Reality Viewers

Remember the View-Master we had as kids?  I loved that thing.  You won’t believe how far it’s come!  The View-Master VR is pretty amazing.  It’s affordable, cool, and is compatible with most smartphones.  This one will be a hit!

15. Games

Board games never go out of style, even for teenagers.  There are some really fun ones like Speak Out that’ll have players dying of laughter.  It’s nice to have technology-free entertainment sometimes where people can just connect over simple games.  Family game nights are priceless!  

Honestly, this list could go on and on.  But this is a good start, and there’s going to be at least one lucky girl on your list this season!

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