Hey New York! The Color Factory is Coming Your Way and You NEED to Check it Out

I know I’m the Bay Area Beauty Blogger, but guess what? I grew up in the great state of New York. I’m from upstate NY and have lived in Queens and on Long Island. Whether you live upstate, on Long Island, or right in NYC, a visit to the Color Factory is well worth the trip. Without realizing it, I’m sure you’ve seen my photos from our visit to the Color Factory in San Francisco earlier this year. Sadly, our Color Factory installation has closed, but yours just opened last week.

Now, the photos that you’re going to see from my Color Factory experience throughout this post will differ from yours. The Color Factory is starting from scratch and creating brand new site-specific installations. The New York installation will be 20,000 square feet in Soho’s Hudson Square neighborhood.

Circles For Days Color Factory NYC

Location: 251 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013

Cost: General admission is $38.00 per person. Children 2 and under are free.

Good to Know: Tickets MUST be purchased in advance, they are not sold at the door.

My Family’s Experience

After trying to purchase tickets a couple of times, but it being continuously sold out, Color Factory extended their stay and released tickets one last time. I didn’t purchase tickets the minute they were released, so by the time I did go to purchase them weekday time slots were my only option. There were some tickets available on the weekends, but they were at night and I have a little one. I purchased tickets for a weekday morning at 10:30am. Not convenient, but as long as my family got to go before it closed, I was happy.

We arrived at our scheduled time slot and were granted admittance in small groups. There was a quick briefing from the staff and then we were on our way. We didn’t get 5 feet into the first room without stopping to take a photo at one of their photo stations. These photo stations, located throughout the installation are great, all you need to do is enter your e-mail to receive the photos that are taken.

The second room featured a rotating selection of macarons for our enjoyment. We each selected our own macaron and then washed it down with a small cup of black lemonade.

From here, we moved throughout each themed room. The first room was full of only orange objects, the second was packed with blue balloons, and the third had a large display of disco balls hanging from the ceiling. This glittering “mirror/diamond” room was interactive, by pressing buttons on the wall you could control which themed song was played. We selected “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake, danced our butts off, then played “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by The Beatles.

Continuing on our colorful journey we encountered larger than life green markers that guest were welcome to use on the walls of the green themed room. We left our mark. We then ran through ribbons hanging from the ceiling. My little one crawled through brightly colored tunnels and we saw a room continuously printing selfies and letting them fall to the floor. By snapping a photo and tagging it with the appropriate tags on Instagram, your selfie could be one of the 1,000s added to this room-sized piece of art. Mine was in their somewhere, but I didn’t bother looking for it.

Although each and every room provided it’s own unique and entertaining experience, the highlights for us were the confetti room and the pool sized ball pit. We spent a lot of time in both of these areas. The confetti room slowly dropped confetti from the ceiling onto the floor, but by gathering this confetti and tossing it into the air, you could take some pretty spectacular photos. The ball pit needs no explanation, it was just plain good ol’ fashioned fun. Yes, the number of germs that must have been in it made me cringe, but I let that go, jumped in, and enjoyed myself.

To conclude our visit, we enjoyed some mini yellow-colored vanilla-flavored ice cream cones.

Do you plan on visiting the New York version of the Color Factory? Please let me know in the Comment Here! section below.

I can’t recommend experiencing the Color Factory for yourself enough. Go, go, go!

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