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It’s time to take your skincare routine into the future. Cleanse with a tool that analyzes your skin and creates a facial cleansing routine just for you. Everything has an app these days, and now your skincare routine will too. What beauty tool is so technologically advanced? The FOREO LUNA fofo. Let’s discuss.

Foreo Luna fofo Smart Beauty Coach

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Foreo LUNA fofo Packaging

Packaged in a glass-like plastic case, the FOREO LUNA packaging is just as sleek and aesthetically pleasing as the beauty tool itself. The casing features a magnifying lens to give you an up-close and detailed look at this AI powered beauty coach. Peeling off the security sticker will allow you to pop open the case and get at your brand new toy.

The overall packaging is reminiscent of packaging you’d find your latest wireless headphones, phone, or smart watch in. It easily pops open and includes simplistic photographic instructions on how to use the FOREO LUNA fofo and change its batteries. The full FOREO LUNA fofo  manual can be downloaded on Inside the small, thin card board box that the facial cleansing brush is resting on you’ll find a tiny booklet containing basic written instructions.


Foreo Luna fofo Beauty Cleanser

Here’s were things get interesting. The FOREO LUNA fofo claims to provide you with a 100% personalized skincare routine. Using this as your AI beauty coach will improve the look and feel of your skin over time. By downloading the free app, you can analyze your skin and get information on your skin’s age and its hydration levels. Based on this information, the facial cleansing brush will create a skincare routine for your skin. With each analyzation and cleanse this beauty coach gets smarter, optimizing and updating your routine.

It can be used without the app, but this is where you’ll find your personalized results. Being connected to an app allows for updates and additional features to be added. From your initial use of the product and download of the app, the technology will continue to advance at no extra cost to you. The app will have updates available for free, just like any other app on your phone.


Foreo Luna fofo Facial Cleanser Bristles

The LUNA fofo is a fully waterproof facial cleansing brush made of ultra-hygienic silicone. It features two cleansing surfaces. One contains finer touch-points and is ideal for larger areas of your face like your forehead and cheeks. The other contains larger touch-points and is ideal for oil-prone areas like your T-zone and chin.

On the reverse side you’ll find two gold plates, these are the skin sensors, and the power button.

The LUNA fofo is powered by two replaceable AAA batteries and it does come with a pair already installed to get you started.


Foreo Luna fofo Skin Sensors

Step One: Download the free FOREO for You app.

This app is available to Apple and Android users. This only needs to be done the first time you’re using the fofo facial cleansing brush. During initial set-up it will ask you to answer general questions about yourself and your skin. After this initial set-up, you can skip ahead to Step Two.

Step Two: Connect the FOREO for You App with your cleansing brush.

Open the FOREO for You app on your phone. Click CONNECT on the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions the app gives you. It will instruct you to press and hold the power button on the back of the facial cleansing brush.

Step Three: Analyze your skin.

Click ANALYZE in the lower righthand corner of the app and follow the instructions. It will guide you to press and hold the sensor side (back side) of the LUNA fofo on your Right Cheek, Left Cheek, Forehead, and then nose.

Step Four: Check our your results OR Skip ahead to Step Five and cleanse.

The screen that pops up next on the app will give you your moisture report, your skin’s age, and your skin’s type.

Step Five: Cleanse.

After anazlyzing, click SAVE & CLEANSE in the app. Dampen your face with lukewarm water and apply your favorite face wash, but avoid anything grainy as these types of cleansing/exfoliating products will damage the delicate LUNA fofo.

Like a battery powered toothbrush, the LUNA fofo will turn on and briefly pause when it’s time to cleanse the next region of your face. A chart on the app will map out which regions of your face to cleanse 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th.


fabfitfun exclusive foreo luna fofo

The FOREO LUNA fofo has a price tag that reflects it’s futuristic features: $89.00.

I received my LUNA fofo in the fabfitfun Summer 2018 box, this was part of an exclusive advanced launch of the product. The global launch is happening soon, keep an eye out.

Besides fabfitfun subscribers selling their LUNA fofos on e-bay, this product is not yet available for purchase. From what I can find on e-bay, it’s being sold pretty cheap. If you’re interested, I’d snap one up now before the global launch.


Foreo Luna fofo Size

It’s a fun toy, but I wouldn’t shell out $89.00 for it. As the app improves and offers more features, the cost may become worth it.

After analyzing my skin on different days and at different times of day, I found that the hydration analysis of my skin varied. Otherwise, my skin’s age and type remained the same. To test the LUNA fofo, I had my husband try it out. I didn’t change the initial set-up answers to reflect him or his skin. Curiously enough, his hydration levels differed from mine but his skin’s age and type didn’t. According to the FOREO for You app, his skin is two years younger than him and he too has combination skin (which in real life isn’t the case).

Wanting to experiment further, I installed the app on my husband’s phone, this time having him answer the initial set-up questions. He analyzed his skin again and this time his skin’s age was 4 years older than previously reported and he was told that he had oily skin. I then analyzed my skin connecting the LUNA fofo to his app, not mine. The moisture level changed, but the age and skin type didn’t. It told me that my skin age was 4 years older than it says it is on my phone’s app and it said that I have oily skin.

I’m thinking that the LUNA fofo does measure your skin’s hydration levels, but the age and type relayed in the analysis simply reflect the answers you’ve already given the LUNA fofo yourself in the initial set-up.

All of that being said, this will give your skin a deep clean and my skin really does feel and look better after using it. This is a quality, effective facial cleansing brush, but if you’re willing to skip out on the technological fun it provides, you can get the FOREO LUNA play for $39.00 or the FOREO LUNA play plus for $49.00. Still pricey, but more worth it at that price point.

Are you taken in by the hype? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Cleansing!


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FOREO LUNA fofo Facial Cleansing Brush

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  1. July 12, 2018 / 1:27 am

    I wish it sounded like the technology worked better. I’d love a gadget to tell me more about my skin 😁

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