Toddler Activities: Fluffy Cloud Paint

Painting is an activity all little ones already love. Today, let’s take the classic activity of painting and play with a “paint” that creates fluffy, soft dimensional art.

Fluffy Cloud Paint Supplies

First, you’ll need the following:

  • Glue
  • Shaving Cream
  • Blue Construction Paper
  • Paint Brush or Sponge
  • Bowl – I recommend a paper bowl for easy cleanup.
  • White Crayon – If you choose to outline your clouds.
  • Smock – This isn’t necessary to complete this activity, but it is recommended.

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Fluffy Cloud Paint Step One

Step One

Gather your supplies and if you’d like, suit your little one up in a smock. Mix equal parts glue and shaving cream in your bowl. I never measure when I do this, I just squirt in a bunch of glue and a big puff of shaving cream then mix. Your cloud paint is now ready.

Fluffy Cloud Paint in Action

Step Two

With the white crayon, outline clouds onto your blue construction paper for your little one to fill in with the cloud paint or let your little one paint the paper however they’d like.

Fluffy Cloud Paint Step Two

Step Three

Let your paintings dry and enjoy your new works of art!

Make it Educational

Just by doing this activity, you’re strengthening your child’s fine motor skills and allowing them to express themselves creatively.

To also explore texture with your child, have them gently touch the dry cloud paint to feel how soft and fluffy it is. Have them then touch a regular dry painting and talk with them about how different each one feels.

Clean Up

If using a paper bowl, toss it. Otherwise, rinse off your paint brushes, sponges, and bowl immediately after you’re finished painting. The cloud paint will rinse off easily if cleaned up quickly after you’re done using it.

Fluffy Cloud Paint Results

Share Your Art

Have fun creating clouds and please show me photos of your creations by posting them and tagging me #bayareabeautyblogger or @bayareabeautyb on twitter!

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Toddler Activities Fluffy Cloud Paint


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