Guest Post: Treat Yourself Day in San Francisco

Treat yourself! In this day and age, everybody is busy. Whether it’s work, school, family or any other type of commitment, often times day to day life comes with a full schedule. It’s important to be able to take a step back and recharge, because you can’t pour from an empty cup. San Francisco is full of destinations that you can consider adding to a self care day.

One way to make your self care adventure better is to add in some of your friends! Whether that comes in the form of a spa day or a bar hopping adventure, you should consider the addition of professional transportation. With a professional chauffeur driving a spacious vehicle with features, you can focus on relaxing instead of dealing with traffic and directions. If you’re looking for a transportation solution, check out this Limousine company San Francisco. In the meantime, here are some destinations to consider adding to your San Francisco self care adventure.

Pearl Spa & Sauna

1656 Post St

This Korean style spa has become very popular! There’s a red clay room, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, cold plunge, and scrub room. They also offer massage services. Take advantage of all of their services with the price of general admission, as it will relieve stress and make your skin super soft. Before you leave, they give you a complimentary mask to take home.

Reboot Float Spa

1912 Lombard St

Float spas are perfect for relaxation! The employees here are very helpful about explaining the process of floating. If you’re unfamiliar with this, it’s where you float in an isolation tank filled with water and epsom salt. It’s especially meditative, and it helps with tightness in your muscles as well as anxiety.  There’s also a cryo service and sauna at the facility.

Benjamin Cooper

398 Geary St

For those who enjoy cocktails, Benjamin Cooper is a must try! Their entrance is an unmarked door, so there’s a bit of a speakeasy vibe at this hidden gem. Their hand crafted cocktails are extremely creative! If that’s not up your alley, they also have an impressive selection of wine and beer to choose from, and they’re known for their fresh oysters.

Gravel & Gold

3266 21st St

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of retail therapy. This boutique in San Francisco has a lot of soul and is filled with interesting treasures! Clothes, jewelry, cookware, books…everything here is totally unique. They also host events like skill share workshops, art shows, seminars, parties, and dinners.

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