Toddler Activities: Disney Family Crafts Tissue and Foam Kit

Mickey Mouse Arts and Crafts for Toddlers

Today’s toddler activity features the Darice Disney Family Crafts Tissue and Foam Kit. Kits are by no means necessary to create family crafts, but they do simplify things. No prep is required, just purchase this kit and you’re ready to craft. This kit has a great price, it’s only $2.99. It comes with everything you need to quickly create a Mickey Mouse Tissue and Foam craft.

For this Toddler Activity, you’ll need the following:

  • Darice® ©Disney Family Crafts Tissue & Foam Kit, Mickey Mouse
    • From what I can find, this is no longer available online, but you should be able to get it at your local Michael’s. You can check in-store availability here.

Instructions are included with this kit, but I’ll do a little run down of how we completed this activity in my own words.

First, we started by taking all of the supplies out. Immediately, my little one got her hands in there and was ready to create.

I couldn’t even take a picture of the kit’s packaging without her being eager to bust it open!

Disney Mickey Foam Arts and Crafts

After we got everything organized, we popped out the pieces of black sparkly foam that weren’t part of the final design.

Then, I slipped the red and silver metallic ribbon through the pre-cut hole between Mickey’s ears.

Disney Foam Arts and Crafts

Playing peek-a-boo with Mickey after popping out the extra foam pieces was adorable and entertaining!

Disney Kids Arts and Crafts

Next, I peeled the white backing off of the black sparkly foam to reveal the sticky side. This is where we applied the tissue paper squares. The kit provided neatly cut tissue paper squares in yellow, white, red, and blue.

Soon, we couldn’t see Mickey at all, he was completely covered in tissue paper squares! We spun Mickey around and voilá, our project was nearly complete.

Disney Mickey Mouse Toddler Crafts

This was not listed as a step in the instructions that the kit came with, but I decided to cut off the excess edges of tissue paper sticking out around the sides of Mickey’s outline. This gave the project a cleaner look.

Tissue and Foam Toddler Activities

This would probably look best hung in front of a window, letting the sunlight shine through the colored tissue paper. I decided to hang it from a door knob in my little one’s playroom so she could take it down and look at or play with it if she wanted to. If she doesn’t seem interested in interacting with it, I will move it higher, but still keep it somewhere on our French doors.

This craft was so easy to make! I’d recommend picking up this kit, and others like it, next time you’re out-and-about for whenever you need a quick and mess-free activity. Personally, I love having extra kits like this one on hand so I always have an activity ready to go.

Have fun creating with your little one!

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