Toddler Activities: Snowflake Painting

Toddler Activities Snowflake Painting

Today’s toddler activity was inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest. It looked like a simple enough activity and it didn’t require making any purchases. Win-win! We gave it a try and, of course, put our own twist on things.

This toddler activity gives your child the opportunity to practice fine motor skills while exploring their artistic side.

For this Snowflake Painting Toddler Activity, you’ll need the following:

Chances are, like us, you already have these items handy. If not, they’re affordable and easy to acquire.

Just so you know: I may get a commission if you purchase any products after clicking the links in this post. Using my links to shop is a great way to support my blog!

To kick things off, get your supplies prepared. Lay out your white construction paper and the shades of blue you’d like to paint with.

Toddler Activity with Tape and Chunkies Paint Sticks

Supplies: Paint, paper, tape.

If your little one is old enough, they can help you create the snowflakes out of tape. If they’re not quite ready to help with this, prep it for them while they play with something else or nap.

We can’t help ourselves, we used washi tape instead of regular tape. I can’t resist using washi tape whenever I can, it’s so pretty and easy to peel off of paper.

Washi Tape for Arts and Crafts

We taped on snowflakes of different sizes and we even let some spill off the edges of the paper. This gave us a variety of snowflakes to paint over and it helped keep our canvas in place.


Then, we painted! We used a dark blue and a light blue. Can you tell who did what?

After we were done painting, we let the paint dry and I carefully peeled the tape off of the paper. Here is how it came out, I’m really happy with it!


We added it to our display frame and it looks great! We add new art projects to our frame whenever we create them.

Melissa and Doug

My little one LOVES painting with the Chunkies Paint Sticks, so I knew this activity would be a hit. I love the way it turned out. I highly recommend doing this activity on your little one’s next snow day! If you live in the Bay Area, where snow is highly unlikely, do your snowflake painting anytime during the winter.

If you plan on doing this activity with your toddler or have done this activity already, please let me know! I’d love to hear about your experience. The comment section is below, just keep scrolling!

Have fun with your little one!

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