My First Time Using Self Tanner – Plus, How to Use Self Tanner Correctly

Self Tanner

Let me start by being totally honest with you, I’ve never tried self tanning products beyond Jergens Natural Glow. I’ve been hesitant to try self tanners because I have an irrational fear that I’m going to turn Donald-Trump-orange after one use.

When Tan Frenzy reached out to me to try their product, I accepted. It was about time I gave self tanner a chance and I couldn’t have found a better brand to put to the test. I found Tan Frenzy appealing because it is certified organic, cruelty free, and paraben free. Their color options allow for an enhanced natural look, which is exactly what I’d want from a self tanner. Let’s discuss the details, then I’ll let you know how my self tanner experiment turned out and break down how to use any self tanner.


I tried Tan Frenzy BRONZE for Brunettes Instant Self-Tanning Elixir Single-Use. Running out of self tanner mid-application would be a nightmare, so I’m happy to confirm that this product is advertised as single use and actually does provide enough product for application once over your entire body.

Tan Frenzy Single Use Bronze for Brunettes and Luxe Application Mitt

Tan Frenzy Single Use Bronze for Brunettes Bottle and Luxe Application Mitt

This self tanner is available in 2 colors, Light/Medium and Dark. I chose to try out the Light/Medium because my olive skin is quite pale. It has a fast-drying, hypoallergenic formula that is meant to compliment the features of brunettes while helping smooth the skin and conceal imperfections. You haven’t been left out blondes! There is a line of self tanner available for you too. The blondes line also offers Light/Medium and Dark colors.

Tan Frenzy 1 fl. oz. Bottle and Application Mitt

The single use bottle does not normally come with an application mitt, but one is necessary to apply your self tanner easily and evenly. Tan Frenzy was kind enough to include a mitt with the bottle they sent me, but please don’t be misled, it you buy a single use bottle you will also have to purchase a mitt to use it.


BRONZE for Brunettes Instant Self-Tanning Elixir Single-Use (1 fl. oz.)- $12.00

Luxe Reusable Application Mitt – $9.49


Being skeptical, again having that irrational fear of turning Donald-Trump-orange, I decided to only test this self tanner out on my legs. After ideal results, I plan on applying the rest of the single use bottle to the rest of my body. I was really impressed with this self tanner, I have nothing to compare it to but my skin looks naturally tan therefore I’m happy.

Self Tanner Spritzed on the Application Mitt

Self Tanner Spritzed on the Application Mitt

I spritzed my mitt a few times and went for it. I applied the self tanner, as instructed, in a circular motion. At first I didn’t see much of a difference. Within minutes the self tanner dried and the color deepened. As it dried it felt a little sticky, but that feeling went away once it was completely dry. It didn’t transfer onto my clothes, it stayed put and gave my pale white legs a gorgeous glow. My legs became tan in minutes and that tan looks natural.

Self Tanner vs No Self Tanner

An awkward shot of my freshly self tanned leg and non-self tanned arm. You can see in the upper left hand corner where I didn’t completely cover my foot, there is a distinct line between the self tanned skin and the non-self tanned skin. This error became glaringly apparent after the self tanner developed overnight.

Having several tattoos I became curious as to how this self tanner might effect the look of my tattoos. I decided to test this out on a star tattoo I have on the side of my ribs. The results weren’t very exciting, my skin got a sunless tan and my tattoo looked as colorful and bright as ever. Unlike the actual sun, the self tanner left my tattoo alone. It didn’t fade it or mess with the look of it at all. To all my fellow tattooed folks, self tanner is the way to go if you’d like to have tan skin while keeping your tattoos looking fresh!

The morning after using the self tanner, I woke up to it being fully developed and showing me exactly where I’d messed up the application. The color still looked like I’d just gotten back from a tropical vacation, but I could see a distinct line on my feet where I had haphazardly applied the self tanner not really caring what it looked like on my feet. It’s Fall, quickly turning into Winter, I won’t being wearing sandals anytime soon! But, if it were flip flop season, carefully and lightly applying the self tanner to my feet would have been absolutely necessary.


What you need:

  • Bottle of Self Tanner
  • Application Mitt

1.) Start with cleansed and exfoliated skin.

2.) Spray your mitt a few times with your self tanner.

3.) Moving your mitt over your skin in a circular motion, begin applying the self tanner. Work in sections, your lower left leg, then your lower right leg, etc. Re-spray your mitt after each section.

4.) Apply the self tanner lightly to your knees, elbows, hands, and feet. When applying the self tanner to your knees and elbows, bend them.

5.) Let your self tanner dry and develop. After a few minutes, take a look and see if there are any areas that you need to touch up.


For all the info. you need on prep and maintenance, check out

Bottom Line:

I don’t see myself using Tan Frenzy, or any self tanner, on a regular basis, but my fears towards self tanner have been assuaged. Once in a while, when I do want to give myself a natural glow a quick drying, organic, and cruelty free formula like Tan Frenzy’s is what I’ll reach for. I’m thinking this would come in handy before heading on vacation or before attending a wedding.

Are you a fan of self tanner? Scroll down and let me know in the comments!

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This post isn’t sponsored, Tan Frenzy sent me one bottle of BRONZE for Brunettes Instant Self-Tanning Elixir Single-Use and one Luxe Reusable Application Mitt to try and I did! All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. If you’re interested in having a product reviewed, please check out my contact page.

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