Minnetonka Dixon Boots Review and Styling

I love Minnetonka because their shoes are SO comfortable and cute. Usually you need to sacrifice style in order to be comfortable, but that is not the case with Minnetonka. In addition to comfort and design, Minnetonka shoes are high quality. Each pair is handmade using  high quality suede, deerskin, and/or moosehide.

My Minnetonka boots arrived in a white shoe box marked with the Minnetonka brand name. Inside my Dixon boots were wrapped in Minnetonka printed tissue paper. The inside of the shoe box lid describes Minnetonka’s journey as a company. This brand was established in 1946, giving it a 71 year run so far. It also boldly states that the Minnetonka boots are Made by Hand and Worn to Perfection. True story on both accounts.

The Dixon Boots are available in Dusty Brown and Black. I chose black because I knew they would compliment my Fall and Winter wardrobe. That being said, these boots are ideal for Fall and Winter wear but would work in the Spring and summer too. In the outfit pictured below I’ve styled the boots for Fall or Winter. I’ve paired the Dixon Boots in Black with dark gray jeans, a black sweater, and a light gray scarf.

During the Spring I’d pair these boots with tights and a long sleeve dress. Over the summer, pair them with a light and airy dress.

So, what makes the Minnetonka Dixon Boots so stylish? Well, there are several design details that I love. I love the height, cutting off right at the ankle, they’re not too high, not too low. The pleasant surprise of the colorful, printed fabric along the inside of the rims of the boots is distinctly Minnetonka.


The suede Dixon boots have inner zippers making it easy to slide them on and off. This isn’t necessarily a design detail, but it looks good and is functional. Getting back to the design, the boots feature braided wraparound suede straps. There are 3 straps on each boot.

Minnetonka Dixon Boots in Black

The outer side of these black Minnetonka boots are adorned with silver buckles and just a little bit of fringe.

Minnetonka Ankle Boots

I found that these boots run true to size. I normally wear a size 7 and requested a pair of these boots in a size 7. They fit me perfectly. I wore them with athletic ankle socks, anything thicker would make the boots too tight.

The boots were easy to put on and take off, they were also very comfortable. I wore these throughout the morning and into the afternoon while having some family fun on a beautiful Saturday in San Francisco. I did a lot of walking wearing the boots and my feet felt great the entire time. Sometimes I don’t get soreness until after I take my shoes off, even after taking the boots off when I arrived home, my feet felt comfortable.

Minnetonka Dixon Boots can be purchased at MinnetonkaMoccasin.com/dixon-boot. They are currently priced at $72.95 and are available in sizes 5 to 11.

In addition to these boots, I highly recommend the Ashley sandals (the middle pair of sandals shown in the photo above). I’ve had them for just over a year and they’re the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever owned. I wore them for a full day of rocking out at the Austin City Limits festival last year and felt no pain in my feet at all.

As you can see, Minnetonka makes shoes for all weather and all seasons and everyone can enjoy them: women, men, and children. I don’t know about you, but matching Minnetonka Moccasin Slippers for the whole family sound like a marvelous Holiday gift! They’d be fun to wear for Holiday photos too!

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