Happy Halloween! – Purple Crystal Spider Web Makeup Look

Purple Spider Web Makeup Tutorial

This makeup look features a purple crystal spider web around one eye. It’s easier to create than you may think. Take a look:

Halloween Makeup Look - Purple Crystal Spider Web

Purple Crystal Spider Web Eye Makeup Tutorial

1.) To create this look, start with your everyday face by applying:

  • Full Coverage Foundation
  • Full Coverage Concealer (Under your eyes and on imperfections.)

2.) Fill in your eyebrows darker than you normally would. Usually I use a dark brown brow pencil or powder, but for this look I used black.

3.) Apply a light purple eyeshadow over you entire eyelid. Apply it to the inner corners of your eyes and along your bottom lash line too.

Witch Makeup Tutorial

4.) Line your lower lash line with a black pencil eye liner and draw a thick (almost covering your entire eyelid) line using liquid liner on your upper lash line. Don’t do your wings yet.

5.) Brush a mauve blush onto your cheeks and use a pearl highlighter above the blush.

6.) Now create that mega wing on both eyes. On which ever eye you’d like to add the spider web, add additional “wings” above and below the wing you’ve already drawn on.

Purple Crystal Spider Web Makeup

7.) Connect the wings with curved lines to create the web. I brought one strand from the web under my eye and another one above my eyebrow to give the look additional drama.

8.) You can leave the look as is if you don’t have crystals on hand or you can accent the web if you only have a few. If you’d like to go all out, start placing crystals on top of the web you’ve drawn. Start with larger crystals closer to your eye and go down in size as you move out to the edges of the web.

9.) Put on a deep red or deep purple long-lasting liquid lipstick and you’re set!

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Use this look with a witch costume or a gothic looking black or purple dress. The interpretation of this look is up to you. Speaking of costumes, what did you or what are you dressing up as this year? My family and I did a Justice League theme, I was Wonder Woman (wearing her cloak from the new movie) and my husband was Batman. He was very popular among the little ones at the Boo at the Zoo event we went to over the weekend. There was a lot of, “Look it’s Batman!” “Wow! Batman!” A slightly older kid, a tween, said, “I know you aren’t Batman, you’re just someone’s dad.” LOL Smart kid.

For one event my daughter was old school Wonder Woman and for another she was Batgirl.

Our dogs are sticking with the same theme, one is Wonder Woman and the other is Batman. Ugh, they’re too cute! Don’t forget to share what you’re dressing up as in the comments!!

Halloween is happening NOW! Happy Halloween! Have fun and be safe!

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