The Many Uses of Devinah Cosmetics Unicorn Sweat: Review and Inspiration

Unicorn Sweat Palette

This palette is created by Devinah Cosmetics, an indie brand that creates affordable, high-quality cosmetics. All products are cruelty free and most shades are vegan, the ones that are not are noted.

The Unicorn Sweat palette discussed below contains this rainbow of colors:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple

The only shade missing to make this a 100% accurate rainbow palette is Indigo, but let’s not get super picky or anything! 😉


The pigmentation packed into this tiny palette is unbelievable. The consistency of the eyeshadow shades is pressed powder that isn’t loose at all. The shades create opaque color with ease. When paired with a wet angle brush these colors make incredible bold eyeliners, and to be honest, I use this collection of colors more for lining my eyes than anything else. I created the below look using the green shade from this palette for a Green Day concert. 😉

This palette can be used as a highlighter, as long as you utilize a light hand and avoid the cool colors in the palette. I recommend using the red, orange, and yellow for highlighting your cheeks, not the green, blue, or purple. One exception: creating a ghoulishly good look for Halloween this weekend!

Devinah Cosmetics Unicorn Sweat

In the above photo I’m using the purple color to line my eyes and I’m using every color in the palette to highlight my cheeks. I think you can see what I’m talking about when using this color as a highlighter, take away the darker, cooler shades and this highlight would look incredible! Not that it doesn’t look good like this, it’s just not a look I would wear on a daily basis. I would, however, wear this rainbow highlight to a music festival.

Devinah Cosmetics Rainbow Palette

The strips of color in this palette are thin, I find that to be good and bad. When using this palette for eyeshadow, you can use multiple colors together if desired or pick out individual colors. Pick up color with your brush or eyeshadow applicator very carefully, otherwise you’ll mix colors you may not want to mix! Otherwise, go crazy and mix and match away!

Re-Cap of How to Use Devinah Cosmetics Unicorn Sweat:

  1. Use the shades individually to line your eyes. Wet an angle brush and line your eyes with any of these bright and bold colors.
  2. Use the colors together, all of them or just the warm colors, to highlight your cheeks.
  3. Mix and match the colors or use them individually as eyeshadow shades. Use an eyeshadow brush or eyeshadow applicator to sweep these colors onto your eyelids.


This palette can be purchased for $18.00 on

Bottom Line: I love supporting indie brands, especially when they have great prices, are just as good as more expensive and established brands, and are cruelty free. I highly recommend checking out Devinah Cosmetics products, especially if you don’t shy away from intense color!

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