Lush Halloween Bubble Bar – Bewitched

Drop your superstitions: this just might be one of the only instances where encountering a black cat is a lucky sign. Crumble up this fab feline under the tap to conjure up a shroud of berry-scented bubbles and dark, mysterious waters. One bath and you’ll agree: this kitty is absolute purrfection.

The Bewitched Bubble Bar is made of natural ingredients and safe synthetics. The featured ingredient, giving it its earthy aroma, is Frankincense Oil. For a full list of ingredients, check out Being a kitty shaped bubble bar, it is appropriately cruelty-free and vegan.

The scent was pleasant, but I didn’t find it to be very strong. Usually, when I purchase Lush products, my bathroom is filled with aroma causing me to deeply inhale and enjoy the scent every time I enter my bathroom. I noticed the scent while using the bubble bar but wasn’t happily overwhelmed by it walking into my bathroom before crumbling it up in the tub.

The texture of the bubble bar was smooth and soft. It crumbled satisfyingly and slowly dissolved under warm running water.

The design is too cute, and let’s be honest, it’s why I wanted to purchase this bubble bar! It has a round shape with 2 pointy cat ears. The bubble bar is black with large almond-shaped yellow eyes and a tiny circular yellow nose. The yellow bits of the bubble bar disappear as the water turns black and bubbles take over your tub.

To use this bubble bar, crumble it under running warm water as you fill your bath. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fragrance as your tub fills with bubbly mountains.

The Bewitched Bubble Bar can be broken up and used in 2-3 baths.

This bubble bar can be purchased in your local Lush store and online at It’s a Halloween release, so don’t wait to get it! Holiday releases tend to sell out fast.

I purchased this bubble bar for $7.95 in-store at my local Lush in San Francisco

Have you tried the Bewitched Bubble Bar? What are your thoughts?

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