How to Wear a Poncho

how to wear a poncho

The poncho styled here isn’t your standard solid colored poncho, it’s adorned with black, white, and Merlot stripes.

Let me just go on a tangent for a minute and say, I’m a bit bored with stripes lately, but I’ll let them slide on this poncho. Stripes are currently the “Mom Uniform” here in “Stroller Valley” (the nickname of Noe Valley, where I reside). I took my little one to a music class recently and 5 out of 8 moms were wearing stripes. Including me, I was sporting this poncho. To my credit, every other mom of the 5 was wearing a white t-shirt with navy stripes on it. At least I had a little bit of individuality going for me!

The stripes on this poncho, which is from LOFT, stand out from the crowd because of the color combination used. Merlot is a big hit this fall (check out Marc Jacobs Beauty Fall releases, they’re gorgeous) and I’m SO on board!

How to Wear a Poncho

This is a versatile piece. It can be worn with a t-shirt or tank top under it on a warmer Fall day, but I think it looks best with a black long sleeve shirt under it, as seen in these pics. This black long sleeve shirt is from Alternative Apparel. Whatever sleeve length you choose to wear with it, I think a crew neck works best. Since the poncho has a lower cut, a scoop neck or v-neck under it would look strange.

Fall Outfit Ideas

A pair of Merlot jeans would look so cool with this poncho, but unfortunately Merlot jeans aren’t a part of my wardrobe right now. As an alternative, I’ve styled this outfit with my favorite black jeans (from Topshop).

Black Booties

For shoes, I also chose black. Continuing the black color from your legs to your shoes elongates the overall look. Being a short girl, I’m all about elongating my look! These booties are from Express.

Red and Gold Jewelry

Since this is an everyday/casual weekend outfit, I styled it so that the jewelry was chic but not over-whelming. The red in this pair of earrings and bracelet, from Henri Bendel, isn’t as purple as the striping on the poncho. When creating an outfit, colors don’t need to match, they need to go. These colors compliment one another and go together, it’s not necessary that they match perfectly.

When crafting a makeup look to go with this outfit, go with Fall reds and browns on your eyes. The Lime Crime Venus Eyeshadow Palette provides the perfect selection of colors. For your cheeks I’d brush on a deep rose, like this Stowaway Cheek and Lip Rouge in Burnt Rose. On your lips, go with a deep red like Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in Miss Conduct. Not only is this an ideal shade for this look, it’s long lasting.

Not every piece in this ensemble is available for purchase, so here are some pieces that you could use to create a similar look:

Just so you know: This post contains affiliate links and I may get a commission if you use them. Click here to get all the info. 🙂

Any suggestions on what I should style next? Please let me know in the comments or through my contact page!

Have a fabulously Fall weekend!

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