Peripera Fashion People Carrier Set Unboxing

PeriPera Fashion People Carrier NYC

When perusing the Memebox sight I came across the Peripera Fashion People Carrier – a travel-friendly makeup set with packaging that I could not pass up. The Fashion People Carrier Set is packed with 5 mini makeup products, including 3 lip products, a concealer, and an eyeshadow/shading product. The set also comes with a sticker sheet (the stickers are puffy!) so you can decorate your little suitcase yourself! BTW, the suitcase is somewhat functional. You can lift the little handle on it and the wheels roll in multiple directions. I can’t.
PeriPera Fashion People Carrier NYC
If you’d like, you can lift the plastic packing that holds the 5 products in place out so that you can fit additional products, or whatever you want, in your suitcase. Let’s be honest, using this may take up slightly more space than a cosmetics bag, but it’s rigid so nothing inside will be squished and it’s so much more fun!!


PeriPera Ink Velvet
The Memebox link to the product led to an ebay listing that was sold out, so I continued my search. After scouring the internet, I found the NYC/Yellow version of this set to be available on Last I checked, it is still available there. This set is also available in Seoul/Pink. Both are beyond-words-cute, but I’m from NY so I had to get the NY set!


The cost varies depending on where you purchase, and I’m guessing where it is shipping from has an impact on this as well. The price range that I was able to find in the US, after a quick search, is: $29.00 to $66.45. Most online retailers are selling this set in the $29.00 to $39.50 range, I wouldn’t recommend paying above $39.50. Of course, depending on shipping costs I’d shoot for the $29.00 sets!
If you are interested in purchasing, the Amazon listing that I purchased from is below. Shipping is free and pretty fast with this product listing.


  • Mini Suitcase
  • Puffy Sticker Sheet
  • Ink the Velvet 2 – Lip Product
  • Ink the Airy Velvet 5 – Lip Product
  • Vivid Tint Water 3 – Lip Product
  • Ink Concealer
  • Ink Multi Shadowing – Can be used as eyeshadow and for contouring.

Does cute packaging sucker you into making purchases?? Please say yes, so I know I’m not alone! lol. Also, go ahead and shop this travel makeup set here.
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