How to Achieve a Perfect No Makeup Look

There is no better time to try out the no-makeup look than now. This look is all about giving your face a natural and healthy glow while letting the skin breathe. It is best for this season because the sweat does not bother you much as you do not have to touch up throughout the day either.

Following the easy peasy steps below, you can achieve a no-makeup makeup look anytime you head out of your home. Read through and thank us later!

Apply BB or CC Cream or a Sheer Coverage Foundation

Begin with a proper summer skin care routine that includes the application of an effective face mask, cleanser and a toner. It is important to cleanse and moisturize your face and let the toner or any serum settle in the skin for 3 to 5 minutes. After that, take your favorite BB or CC cream or just any sheer coverage foundation that has SPF in it. Apply a thin layer and blend it with your fingertips, giving a smooth touch to the skin without taking its natural glow away by covering it up completely. The cream will act as a good sunscreen for the skin as well.

Conceal the blemishes, If Any

If there are any acne scars, pigmentation or discoloration in an area, apply a little amount of concealer there and pat with your little finger. After you are done with your foundation and concealer, set them with loose powder. Doing so will help prevent fine lines and make the makeup last longer. Instead of sweeping the brush under the eye area, gently tap it so that the concealer stays in place. It goes for all the areas where you have concealed any blemishes too.

Give a Natural Hue to the Cheeks

If you want a very natural hue on the cheeks, cream blushes serve the purpose better than the powder or liquid ones. All you need to do is take a small amount of it on a finger and gently tap and blend on the apples of the cheeks with care. Cream blush lasts longer without making the face look cakey.

Never Forget Eyebrows

Use a comb to find the empty spaces in the brows and fill them slightly with a gel that is not too dark or heavy. Avoid filling them too much but do make sure they are properly in shape and defined. For pulling the look together, defined eyebrows are a must.

Apply Light Natural Eye Shadow if You Want

This step is totally optional and up to you. Applying a neutral shade to the eyes brings out the crease while it does not seem too visible for an eye shadow. The purpose of applying it is to give a little contrast and definition to the lids only, not to grab people’s attention towards the eye shadow.

Apply Your Favorite Mascara without Going Overboard

Remember that it is a no-makeup look and therefore, you cannot go overboard with anything, be it eyebrows or even mascara. Apply your favorite mascara after curling your lashes. Remove any clumps with a comb to make the lashes look naturally long and separated.

Complete the Look with a Lip Shade that Goes with Your Tone

Choose a shade that brings warmth to the skin without being too bold. It is best if you go for a shade that is the closest to the natural color of your lips but just a little better. A matte nude lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury would be a cherry on top for this look according to me.

Done with the above steps? Now make a summer bun out of your hair and let the beauty inside of you shine through!

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