HAUTE Take: Season Ending Sale – 70% off Wildfox Couture

I had to share this one because I LOVE Wildfox Couture and it’s a brand that you may not be familiar with it. They make stylish, lounge-y, comical tanks, tees, dresses and sweaters that just represent my style and my attitude to perfection. Below are my favorite 70% off sale items.

1.) I’m Busy Delano Cardigan – $56.40 marked down from $188.00

I’m busy. Enough said. Well, one more thing, if I walked around in this I could stop telling everyone I’m busy, because my cardigan would say it for me. 😉

2.) Harbour Sunset Donde Sweater – $45.00 marked down from $150.00

It’s a little hard to tell in this picture, but this sweater has a sunset over the beach with some palm trees. I love the design, I love the vibe.

3.) Relax Alto Sweater – $52.80 marked down from $152.00

I like that this sweater speaks for me too, relax. Everyone take a collective deep breath and relax. Then, buy this sweater. 🙂

4.) Diamond Foulard Ramblin’ Rose Halter Keyhole Maxi – $53.40 marked down from $178.00

I love the color, pattern (it’s covered in little diamonds), and cut-out! The back of this dress is super pretty too, it’s a halter with a rather low back, talk about gorgeous drama.

5.) Current Mood Heights Crew Tee – $27.20 marked down from $68.00

I have this t-shirt and it’s my favorite!!! It says: Current Mood on the top and under each “mood stone” has different phrases like Go Away, I Don’t Care, Leave Me Alone, and Not My Problem.

6.) Girls Room Wordz Sweater – $72.00 marked down from $180.00

This sweater has cute phrases and illustrations all over it. I love the random designs, they’re adorable!

7.) Ugh Sleepover Cami & Ruffle Short Set – $29.40 marked down from $98.00

This PJ set let’s the world know exactly how you feel when you have to get out of bed in the morning. <3

These examples are just a tiny sampling of the 5 pages of sale items available. Check out all of the sale items here: End of Season Sale: Up to 70% Off!

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