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Bold Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Follow along with this tutorial to easily create a bold winged eyeliner makeup look. I wore this makeup look at a music festival, but think it would also look great when going out with friends or on a date.

Bold Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

Step One: As always, I created a clean slate by cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Next, I applied SPF and a primer. To begin my makeup application, I applied color correcting concealer. I applied a yellow shade to cover the dark circles under my eyes, and then I applied a green shade to cover up redness on my cheeks and chin. I then applied my foundation.

Step Two: Next, I applied concealer. I patted this concealer under my eyes and on any other areas that needed it. I blended the concealer in using my beautyblender. I then filled in my eyebrows.

Step Three: Finally, it’s eyeliner time! To create this bold eyeliner makeup look I actually used a gray foil eyeshadow. I wet an angle brush and dipped it into my gray eyeshadow. I then lined my upper lash line. I also lined the outer corner of my waterline with a black pencil liner.

To easily create a wing, I put medical tape on the outer corners of my eyes. After lining my eyes with the eyeshadow, I peeled the tape off and was left with flawless bold winged eyeliner. Using medical tape may sound a little insane, but this beauty hack works!

Step Four: This step is pretty easy, apply mascara to your upper lashes. Also apply mascara to your lower lash line, but only where you’ve applied the black pencil liner.

Step Five: I next applied a warm berry blush with gold shimmer. I also added a tiny bit of highlighter along my cheek bones.

Step Six: To complete the look I applied my favorite deep red liquid lipstick. I also spritzed on a setting spray.

I’m loving the finished look, what are your thoughts on it?

A Complete List of the Products I Used to Create this Look

Is this a bold eyeliner makeup look that you would wear?

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